Things to Do in Buenos Aires

By Rachael Funk

Located on the northeastern edge of Argentina’s Pampas, Buenos Aires is a vibrant metropolis that showcases the best in opera, theater, gastronomy and architecture. The city is known as the birthplace of tango and home to the oldest subway system in Latin America.

As you plan your vacation in Argentina, make sure to experience some of these best things to do in Buenos Aires.

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Visit Casa Rosada and Plaza de Mayo

Casa Rosada, or “Pink House,” is named for its distinctive color. This is the location where Eva Perón famously addressed masses of supporters crammed into Plaza de Mayo in 1951. Currently, it hold the offices of the Argentine President and offers hour-long tours on weekends. Be sure to book in advance and bring your ID!

Stroll the Rose Garden Walk

Find tranquility in the bustling city in this peaceful rose garden. Nestled in Parque Tres de Febrero (also known as Palermo Woods), this charming space is splashed with vibrant colors and is home to over 1,000 species of roses. Similar to Central Park in New York City, the area is split into clusters of smaller green spaces that are easily accessible on foot.

See an opera at Teatro Colón

The main opera house in Buenos Aires, Teatro Colón is among the best opera houses in the world. Not only can it host a lengthy list of world-class performers and acoustics championed by Pavarotti himself, the stunning building itself has to be seen to be believed. Opt for a guided tour during the day or dress to the nines and spend an evening soaking in the splendors of the theater.

Pass through Recoleta Cemetery

Far from the average graveyard, Recoleta Cemetery is a resting place for many of Argentina’s most notable figures and one of the most famous cemeteries in the world. Easily the most popular site in the cemetery is the tomb of Eva Perón, where people still lay flowers and tributes to honor her legacy.

Image posted by Instagram user @cultura.tigre

Take a surreal journey through Xul Solar Museum

Xul Solar was a prolific Argentine artist who invented two languages, a spiritual form of chess, and created elaborate artwork filled with mystical realities and alternate universes. His visions of utopia were reflected in his art and inventions.

Image posted by Instagram user @kaysenbala

Eat eat eat!

Frugal food lovers rejoice! In Buenos Aires, you can easily find high quality gastronomy for a very affordable price. Whether you're drooling over choripán on Parilla de Freddy or sinking your teeth into gourmet asado at Don Julio, finding a profoundly delicious meal in Buenos Aires is simply a matter of following the scent of a sizzling barbeque. Don’t forget to leave room for Jauja’s ice cream on Palermo Botanico – you are on vacation, after all!

Pro tip: Ice cream delivery is a huge business in Buenos Aires. Almost every heladería delivers ice cream by the kilo, and some even deliver until 1 am!

Image posted by Instagram user @pazpradenas

Take a trip to Tigre

A quiet town full of tiny islands, waterways, and a large artisan market, Tigre would be a shame to miss. The bohemian scene here is thriving, which means top-notch galleries, restaurants, nature reserves, and museums galore. You can take a boat tour around the delta, explore the canals and waterways, or even visit the amusement park.

Tango at a milonga

You can’t visit the birthplace of tango without seeing it for yourself! A milonga is an organized event where people get together to dance and drink and watch other people dance and drink. You can find places all over the city where you can take classes, join in, or just observe the cultural phenomenon that is tango.

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