Top 10 Travel Destinations of 2021

By Rachael Funk

When it comes to travel in 2021, you’ve gotta get it right.

We’ve all spent a year thinking about what we wouldn’t give to hear the ding of a fasten seatbelt sign, feel the rush of clearing customs, and taste the freedom of one perfectly planned vacation. Well, the days of travel are on their way back and we are ready for takeoff!

As you’re poring over options for your first vacation in a loooong time, take a look at 2021’s Top 10 Travel Destinations.

10. The Dominican Republic

We’ve sand it before and we’ll say it again--there’s no place like the Dominican Republic! From its diverse landscapes to its colonial architecture to its unbelievably friendly locals, a beachy getaway in the DR is always a great decision. See our vacations to the DR here.

9. Scotland

Scotland is a warm and inviting country. Here, you’ll see elegant castles, wild Highlands, and sooo many kilts. Everywhere you turn in Scotland, there is history, folklore, music, and irresistible scenery to explore. See our vacations to Scotland here.

8. Mexico

Not only is it famous for incredible beaches and popular cities, Mexico is filled with a dazzling array of Mayan ruins and other hidden gems to enjoy. Dive into an underground Cenote, snorkel the Caribbean Sea, and sink your teeth into authentic cuisine you’ll never forget. See our vacations to Mexico here.

7. Costa Rica

Where else in the world can you see active volcanoes one day and lush mangroves the next? If you can picture yourself lying on warm sand beside a bright blue ocean, hiking through lush rainforests, or crossing hanging canopy bridges, Costa Rica has the thrill you’re seeking. See our vacations to Costa Rica here.

6. The U.S.A.

Domestic travel is at an all-time high, and shows no signs of stopping! Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or an epic escape, the good old U.S.A. is bursting with national parks, trend-setting cities, and historical attractions. See our US vacations here.

5. Italy

Explore the stunning coastal villages, ancient fortresses, and picturesque terrain that comprise this bucket-list travel destination. The romance, fashion, regional wines, and world-famous cuisine are only a few of the draws to Italy. See our vacations to Italy here.

4. Greece

Adventure through the ages as you marvel at centuries-old wonders and floating monasteries. From raging parties to serene seclusion, the Greek islands that dot the Aegean Sea are impossible not to love. See our vacations to Greece here.

3. Multi-Europe

Quaint storybook towns may seem like "lands of make-believe," but in Europe they are quite easy to find. With so many incredible cities and countries on the same continent, it’s hard to decide where to go! Especially this year, many travelers plan to skip the ennui and pick a vacation that lets them explore more than one! See our Multi-Europe vacations here.

2. Ireland

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time visitor or if you’ve been a hundred times before, you’ll fall in love with Ireland every time you go. From the Hidden Heartlands to the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland is so beloved, it is a top travel destination no matter what year it is! See our vacations to Ireland here.

1. Puerto Rico

The first-place winner of 2021’s Top 10 Travel Destinations is the often-overlooked U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. A dreamy destination that offers the best of beach, history, and luxury, Puerto Rico is as convenient to reach as it is popular. Get the Caribbean vacation you need and leave the passport at home! See our vacations to Puerto Rico here.

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