Travel Insurance 101

By Caitlin Hornik

Many travelers have a difficult time deciding whether or not to purchase travel insurance. “I won’t get sick” and “I’ll definitely go” are common phrases used when trying to justify not spending extra money on insurance. Unfortunately, this can lead to disaster when you wind up having to cancel and you lose your money! Here’s some helpful information to consider regarding Great Value Vacations-specific insurance.

Different Plans Cover Different Trips

Every trip booked through Great Value Vacations comes with a travel insurance option. There is a different travel insurance plan depending upon the type of vacation (escorted, independent, group, etc). Vacation packages all include the option of purchasing one of two types of travel insurance: Travel Protection Plan 1 or Travel Protection Plan 2.

Travel Protection Plan 1

Travel Protection Plan 1 generally applies to independent vacations, self-drive vacations and customized bookings. With TPP 1, anyone who cancels up to 72 hours prior to departure will receive a credit for future travel. You must then rebook your vacation at least 72 hours before the original travel date, and your new vacation must be completed within 1 year from original booking date. Travel Protection Plan 1 must be purchased at the time of booking!

Travel Protection Plan 2

Travel Protection Plan 2 applies to escorted vacations, golf packages, cruise/rail travel, and group vacations. This insurance plan is designed to offer you a full cash refund (excluding the cost of insurance and cancellation fees) for reasons including death, illness, injury, and others. However, there are penalties if you cancel for a reason not covered by this plan.

Protecting a Financial Investment

If you have been saving for a vacation for years, and an unforeseen circumstance forces you to cancel, travel insurance helps you protect your financial investment. Instead of throwing money down the drain, travel insurance offers you the potential to rebook your vacation or receive at least a partial refund. This is incredibly important to consider when presented with the option to purchase travel insurance!

Insurance is NOT Mandatory

Purchasing insurance is highly recommended, though not mandatory. Knowing the facts about our travel insurance can help you make an informed decision. Having travel insurance can certainly help you avoid headaches and hassles!

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