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If you've only considered Alaska as a destination filled with icebergs, snow, and bears in extreme wilderness, then you should try snorkeling at Mountain Point, riding a jet ski in Ketchikan, or taking a day cruise within the Gulf of Alaska to view the spectacle of wild nature.

You’ll feel like you have front row seats to a National Geographic documentary.

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Day Cruise along the Alaskan Coastline

Glacier Bay National Park, Prince William Sound, and Kenai Fjords National Park are perfect places along Alaska's coastline for a day trip nature cruise. Be stunned by the natural landscapes of immense glaciers, incredible mountain vistas and sandy beaches. Be a safe distance as you watch grizzly bears hunting wild salmon, their favorite fish, and be amazed as you see gigantic 2-story chunks of glacier ice being deposited into the ocean. You can whale watch, especially on a cold wet day, as the whales come closer to the surface as they follow their food source. Have your camera ready to take photos of cute sea otters, powerful orcas, and the giant Steller’s sea lion with a towering length of up to 9.25 feet!

Hiking in Juneau

Traveling to Alaska isn’t complete without hiking! Hike along Juneau’s West Glacier Trail in the Tongass National Forest on an easy trail. Relax and enjoy a leisurely hike, you’re on vacation after all! Explore the natural wonder and tranquillity of the Alaskan outdoors as you enjoy stories by your guide. Inhale the clean cool air and purify your lungs with every step amongst the beautiful greenery. If you are feeling up for the challenge, book a Glacier Adventure Private Tour to get an intimate view of the Mendenhall Glacier. There are many hikes to choose from, from short walks of 1 hour to full day hikes.

Ketchikan Jet Ski Tours

Only in the city of Ketchikan can you ride a jet ski fully clothed! No need for a swimsuit as you are provided with all the gear to keep you warm and protected on your own jet ski. As you ride upon cool waters that can reach 65℉ in the summer, you can view the untouched Tatoosh Islands filled with western hemlock and spruce trees. Alaskan salmon will swim around you, and you may notice Power Trollers catching the fish as you skim along the surface. With the schools of salmon come the sea lions, Dall Porpoise and black bears, which are noticeable along the coastal beaches. Alaska is a wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with wildlife.

Tip: Riders of jet skis must be at least 16 years old and possess enough physical capability to control the craft.

Mountain Point Snorkeling Adventure

Jump into the icy southeastern Alaskan waters of the Inside Passage at Mountain Point and discover the bright array of oceanic life with a snorkeling tour. Of course, you will have a thick wetsuit along with all necessary accessories to keep warm, plus a snorkel and fins. As you float upon the surface of the water, you will be memorized by the array of marine life like the ginormous sunflower star (up to 40 inches diameter) and the beautiful moon jellyfish. There are also crabs that scuttle sideways along the sea floor, and fish darting between the drifting tails of seaweed, amongst many types of sea stars, some ranging from coral-like limbs to bright glittery perfect star formation. The tour lasts for one hour, which may go unnoticed once you submerge yourself in the otherworldly atmosphere of the ocean.

Gold Dredge 8

Travel in Alaska has many hidden gems for you to find, even gold. Try your luck at Fairbanks’ historic gold mine that began in operations in 1928. With a 2-hour tour that commences at the Tenana Valley Railroad, you can discover Alaska’s gold mining heritage along the way in the replica train to Gold Dredge 8. Demonstrations of gold mining techniques by authentic gold miners will enthrall those with a passion for history. Learn traditional techniques of gold panning by hand and yes, you are allowed to keep the gold that you find. The open season for Gold Dredge 8 in 2018 operates from May to September.

Enjoy your travels to Alaska and experience the incredible outdoor adventures that this thrilling part of North America offers.

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