Travel to Avignon in France

Travel to Avignon in France, a fascinating walled city that is a perfect location to explore the Roussillon Valley. Make sure to visit the Papal Palace where in the 14th Century six Popes resided!

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Palais des Papes, Avignon

One of Europe's top ten places to visit, the Palais des Papes, was the papal residence where during the 14th century six popes lived and ruled for over almost 100 years until 1394. The Papal Palace is the largest Gothic building of the Middle Ages and is fortified by an outer wall. Brilliant views of the surrounding Rhone River and Luberon Valley can be seen from the towers inside the Palace. There are regular guided tours where you will learn more about this important medieval Gothic building in Europe.

Pont Saint-Bénézet, Avignon

Construction of the Avignon bridge with it's 22 stone arches was completed in 1234 and today remains one of the famous medieval bridges in Europe. With only 4 of the arches remaining, travelers to Avignon often take walks along the bridge to admire the view of the Rhone River or a river cruise to admire the semi-circular arches.

The Idyllic town of Avignon

Admire the beautiful spires, towers clocks, and Notre Dame des Doms cathedral while walking through the streets of Avignon. As the Papal Palace was also a fort, the wall remains intact with the city growing around it. This makes for a very interesting walking tour where plentiful landmarks unveil more insights about this old French town that once housed the mightiest religious leaders of Europe.

Sunset over Avignon

An evening stroll to the Pont d' Avignon in the evening is a local past time. Stroll along the river banks and watch the setting sun change the color of the Rhone River into a sparkling amber with a bronze glow.
## Travel to Avignon in France and explore Roussillon Valley

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