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Travel to Bali and relax on an intriguing, picture-perfect tropical island. Serene sounds of waves, warm sea breeze, fascinating Hindu temples, and the tradition of massage make Bali a favorite holiday destination.

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Bali, a Zen vacation destination

Bali remains one of the most sought-after island travel destinations for adventure seeking travelers. The Balinese are deeply spiritual people who attend temple every day. You'll find that Balinese people are always smiling, and their beautiful smiles will always leave you feeling happy, too. The frequent sight of Hindu temples creates a wonderful karma for travelers to Bali. Everywhere you go, the Balinese carry baskets on their heads as they walk along Village roads, which are set against the lush green rice paddy fields. As the sun disappears behind the Pacific Ocean, this mystical island is showered with a golden haze that every traveler to Bali falls in love with. It is the still nights and warm air that creates an incredibly zen-like feeling in Bali.

Relax in Zen-like water surroundings

Soft water sounds will soothe your soul

After a long flight from the USA, walk the beaches of Seminyak and enjoy an hour-long massage on the beach. Or, visit a fresh water spa, where waters flow out of the walls! Bali also has extremely wallet-friendly-priced food, shopping and clothing! Have your dresses, skirts, shirts and suits handmade by local tailors who will measure you and make the most wonderfully tailored clothes at a fraction of the cost you would pay for tailored attire back home. Jalan Kayu Aya in Seminyak Square is a popular shopping plaza, however there are great shops and stores throughout the Legian, Nusa Dua, and Ubud regions. All these areas are easy to travel to via taxi from Seminyak.

Spicy Street Vendor Satay

Bali food stalls serve deliciously fresh foods!

Traveling through Bali, you’ll be immersed in the sweet and savory smells of food cooking in the open restaurants and outdoor markets. Enjoy local delicacies like Nasi goreng, the Indonesian fried rice, which comes with a fried egg served sunnyside up! Other local Bali dishes include coconut rice with BBQ pork and curried sambal shrimp. The unmistakable spices of Indonesian food, and local tropical fruits like the Durian and Orange Coconuts, will make a breakfast you'll remember for years to come! Be sure to savor delicious Indonesian foods on your Bali vacation.

Ubud, the mountain retreat in Bali

20 miles away from Seminyak and nestled in the mountains, you'll find the peaceful town of Ubud. Known as a serene destination for healing, meditation and yoga retreats, Ubud is surrounded by lush green trees in a rain forest type setting. Ubud is instantly relaxing and a wonderful contrast to the beaches of Bali.

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Enjoy your travels to Bali in Indonesia and Hindu Zen of the stress free island of Bali.

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