Travel to Belgium

Travel to Belgium and taste the world's best chocolates. Visit the Royal Palace and discover Europe's largest instrument museum.

Brussels, Belgium

With only 175,000 people, the small-town feel makes travel to Brussels a desired destination. While French is spoken in Brussels, the majority of the country speaks Flemish, a local Dutch dialect. Bordered by France, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany, the cultural influences blend to make Brussels a diverse experience. The striking Flemish Renaissance architecture is awe-inspiring around Brussels. The Royal Palace of Brussels while only used for state receptions and NATO meetings is still the official palace of the King and Queen of Belgium. Built over 150 years from 1783, the Neoclassical architecture draws thousands of enthusiasts each day to view the ornate guildhalls.

Belgium’s Musical Instruments Museum

Learn the history of European music

The Musical Instruments Museum is a wonderful venue to learn about how music shaped Europe. With hundreds of instruments on display, the audio guide will play the instruments, which is fascinating for both parents and children. In fact, the inventor of the saxophone, Adolphe Sax lived in Brussels. The museum often has various musical performances which is included in the entry price.

Scrumptious Belgium Chocolate

Indulge in Belgium's chocolate delicacies

When we think of Belgium, we cannot help but think that the world’s best chocolates come from Belgium. In fact, there are over 2,000 chocolatiers in Belgium, so finding a hot chocolate or cafe in Brussels to enjoy chocolates, cakes, and pastry delicacies is easy to find.

On your travels to Belgium, be sure to also try street food in Brussels and sample mouth watering Waffles, Caricoles, Pommes Frites, Meatballs and our local favorite, the Grey Shrimp Croquettes.

Visit the seat of the European Union

The European Quarter of Brussels has experienced a gentrification in recent years with new restaurants, art galleries, and shopping appearing which attracts travelers to Brussels looking for a unique experience. With the European Union (EU) in the news constantly, the EU quarter has some very large imposing buildings like the Berlaymont, seat of the European Commission, which is well worth a visit.
Did you know that Belgium has more castles per mile than any other country in the world? Be sure to explore the country side as well! Belgium’s medieval towns will make you feel like you have walked literally into a fairytale!

Enjoy your travels to Brussels in Belgium and Flemish Renaissance architecture.

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