Travel to Bogotá in Colombia

You’ll be surrounded by mountains as you descend into Bogotá International Airport in Colombia’s capital city. As soon as you step off the plane, you’ll feel uplifted! Apart from being excited to be on vacation in Colombia, Bogotá is 8,600 feet above sea level.

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Given the higher altitude, be sure to travel with water to hydrate regularly and keep your umbrella close by, as Bogotá can turn on the rain in short, unannounced bursts. But don’t let that concern you, the sun will shine shortly after!

Gold Museum of Bogotá

One of the most visited highlights in Colombia.

A must-visit is the Gold Museum of Bogotá which houses the biggest collection of pre-Hispanic gold in the world. With over 6,000 pieces on display, you will step back in time into an ancient Colombia when gold was made for Aztec royalty.

Touring Bogotá

Explore the perfectly preserved colonial buildings, vibrant bars, and the churches and convents.

A fantastic way to see Bogotá is by taking a bike tour around this city. Mix with the locals by stopping into one of the many roadside cafes to sample the coffee and local delicacies. Be sure to carry some small Colombian peso notes as local merchants only accept local currency.

Fruits of Bogotá

The local fruit in Bogotá is colorful and fresh!

Oh and the fruit! The beautiful fresh melons, pineapples, and papaya from the fruit stalls will replenish your energy while riding or walking the streets of Bogotá. The local tropical fruits will put you in perfect harmony with the sounds of small motorbikes zipping in and out of traffic.

Colombian Coffee

No vacation to Bogotá is complete without a coffee roasting tour.

No words can describe the pleasure of learning this ancient art form from the Latin American home of coffee! Be sure to find a restaurant that offers dishes from the local Cauca Valley. Cast your eye over the menu and look for the famous empanadas and fritanga, which is an assortment of blood sausages, chorizo (sausage), and chicharron (pork belly).

Dual-City Travel

Head to the coast and visit Cartagena.

Some of our Colombia vacation packages include visiting both Bogotá and Cartagena, so you’ll experience the inland mountains surrounding Bogota and colonial coastal city of Cartagena. Both cities feature traditional horse and cart travel options. Sit back and relax, soak in the atmosphere as you make your way through the old world towns of Colombia, listening to the tales of your Colombian driver telling stories of the towns only locals know.

Travel from Colombia

Explore Latin America around Colombia

To the north of Colombia, Panama City awaits the traveler fascinated by the Panama Canal and to the south of Colombia, the breathtaking mountain ranges of Ecuador await those ready to explore the Amazon Jungle.

Travel to Bogota in Colombia, and maybe Cartagena too!

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