Travel to Cambodia

Travel to Cambodia to experience this outdoor oasis, from spectacular island beaches to jungle cruises!

Angkor Wat, a 12th Century Khmer Temple

The magical allure of this massive Buddhist religious temple, surrounded by a large moat on over 160 hectares, attracted the French colonists in the 1860s and led to the global fascination of Angkor Wat. Today, over 2 million tourists visit Angkor Wat each year, as they are drawn to the prolific stone carvings and enormous size of this distinctive religious temple site. Every visitor to Siem Reap will find an irresistible draw to Angkor Wat, only 5 miles north of the main city center.

The Ancient Sanctuary of Angkor Wat

Uncover the Secret Stories of Buddhism

As you explore the many temples of this classical style of Khmer architecture, you will notice that some of the buildings are covered in natural resins or slaked lime which were used to originally join walls. Taking a guided tour around Angkor Wat will provide historical stories, as well as unique interpretations of ancient stories, also known as friezes. You will be fascinated to learn about the series of large-scale scenes, which mainly depict episodes from the Hindu epics the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

Koh Rong, the Celebrity Island

Known by many as an Island that hosts the reality TV hit show Survivor, Koh Rong is an emerging beach and eco-tourism location. Sok San Beach is an idyllic paradise to explore for that secluded moment with friends or special person in your life.

Ream National Park

Experience the wonderful, rich deep forest and jungle of Ream National Park in Cambodia! In this spectacular boating and hiking oasis, enjoy a boat trip through mangroves, rivers, and estuaries. Ream is also the perfect place for trekking. Outdoor adventure enthusiasts, rejoice! Keep your eyes open and look out for turtles, dolphins and pelicans.

Enjoy your travels to Angkor Wat and explore the spectacular natural scenery in Cambodia.

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