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Travel to Cannes in France and delight in the Mediterranean lifestyle. Warm waters with relaxing beaches and colorful umbrellas create a chic, yet casual atmosphere on the French Riviera.Visit the artist retreats in the hills above Cannes and see where the movie stars attend the famous Cannes Film Festival. From boating on the Mediterranean or shopping in the old markets, Cannes offers a wonderful experience for everyone.

Cannes, France

The red carpet and paparazzi snapping photos of movie stars brings Cannes onto our televisions in the annual Cannes Film Festival. Yet behind the ritz and glitz of this French Riviera epicenter is the old town of Le Suquet connected by cobblestone narrow walkways that connect street markets, restaurants and cafes. Traveling to France and driving from Nice airport to Cannes on a 4 or 5 night self drive vacation is a perfect getaway to the French Riviera. Flying into Nice and driving on the A8 from Nice airport to Cannes is conveniently only 20 miles. The close proximity of Nice to the towns along the French Riviera makes sure you get the most out of your South of France vacation.

Visit Saint Paul de Vence, France

Home to famous painters of Europe

Within 1 hour drive of Cannes you have a wonderful selection of small South of France towns to visit. Visit the hillside town of Saint Paul de Vence, made famous by being a summer home to many famous European artists. Walk around this fortified town to see where Marc Chagall, the world famous modernist artist, lived and worked. The labyrinth of pathways are dotted with boutique art galleries and cosy restaurants.

Cannes Magnificent Architecture

Cannes is the perfect base upon which to make day trips traveling in France. A short 12 mile drive north of Cannes is the aromatic town of Grasse which is the center of the French perfume industry. Today, Grasse produces over half of France’s natural aromas. Visiting either the Parfumerie Fragonard or Parfumerie Fragonard is a wonderful experience. To see how the perfume industry in France developed, the International Perfume Museum is a fascinating way to spend several hours. Be sure to buy some perfume and remember your travel to Grasse for years to come through the smell of the perfume fragrance.

Cannes, Mediterranean Sea

On your return to Cannes, you will be able enjoy the beach on the Mediterranean Sea. Strolling along the promenade, you can observe the super rich with their super yachts and glamorous fashions. A nearby romantic restaurant awaits with a sommelier who can recommend a lovely glass of Côtes du Rhône rose, Bordeaux Cabernet Sauvignon, or original French cocktail for you and your partner to celebrate your travels to the French Riviera.

Enjoy your travels to Cannes and experience a charming Mediterranean town

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