Travel to Cartagena in Colombia

A vacation in Colombia is unforgettable. The sights, sounds, smells, and tastes from Cartagena are magical. From the bursting smell of coffee wafting through the Cartagena cafes amidst the bustling city, you’ll tingle with excitement not only from the world famous coffee but because around every corner, there is a colorful surprise in culture, food, and architecture. Soak it in- you’re on vacation in Colombia!

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Colorful Cartagena

The vibrant buildings and beautiful blue skies will have you in awe!

Gaze in awe as you wander the streets of Cartagena. The wonderful washed colors of buildings in Canary Yellow, Panache Blue, Pelican Pink, and Sky Blue are striking to look at. As you walk the streets of Cartagena, look up to see the low overhanging balconies with floral arrangements spiraling down towards you and feel the colonial past come to life.

Authentic Lifestyle

See how the locals live their daily lives.

Mix with the locals tending their street stalls selling fruit; learn from local merchants how they weave their handbags, rugs, and other textiles for you to wear. There are many authentic Colombian paintings and artisan home decor items that are inexpensive and the perfect gift to remember Cartagena. You may even pass ladies carrying food to their families on their heads. Their smiles warm the hearts of the visitors and a true reflection of the Columbian people’s friendliness.

Beaches of Cartagena

Sit back and relax!

Large courtyards and palm trees adorn Cartagena. Sit, relax and soak in the rich culture and deep history of Colombia over a local corn cake and refreshing drink. Our favorite restaurants in Cartagena are sure worth a visit. Colombian vacation isn’t complete without a walk along the soft sand beaches. The warm Pacific Ocean surrounds the beautiful city of Cartagena which is bustling with promenades filled with people of all ages playing football (American Soccer). After walking in the warm waters along the sun-drenched beach, stop at a beach-side cafe and watch the sun disappear into the Pacific Ocean with a tropical fruit lime drink in hand.

Beaches of Cartagena

Once your travels to Cartagena is complete, it would be remiss of you not to visit Botoga, the national capital of Colombia. This diverse city has cobblestone streets as well as a vibrant graffiti and wall art district that is memerizing to see. Enjoy cycling tours that bring you by coffee houses, hip bars, and cafes dotted around the city as well as the Gold Museum featuring relics from the middle ages.

Admire the colorful architecture, taste the fresh fruit and enjoy the lively atmosphere of Cartagena, Colombia!

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