Travel to Cordoba in Spain

Travel to Cordoba in Spain and discover Moorish, Roman, and Jewish influences

Cathedral-Mosque of CĂ³rdoba

The Great Mosque of Cordoba in Spain has enraptured travelers for centuries. Internally, it offers travelers to Cordoba a visual sensory overload with painted arches. Externally, the Moorish Renaissance architecture completed in 987 A.D serves as one of the most prestigious monuments of it's kind in the world. Returning to Christian rule after 5 centuries in 1236, the building was converted to a Roman Catholic church, along with building a Renaissance cathedral nave in the 16th century. Such an amazing history of architecture to explore.

Jewish Quarter in Cordoba

Saint Mary's Cathedral

Explore the narrow alleys and lanes of Cordoba's Jewish Quarter. The delightfully decorated walls are adorned with colorful flowerpots and painted houses. Trace the history of Maimonides, a Sephardic Jewish Philosopher and Astronomer, born in Cordoba in 1135. Walk towards the Plaza Maimonides where you will find a statue to his honor him.

Alcazar of Cordoba

The Fortress of Alcazar & Gardens

Following your visit to the Great Cathedral Mosque of Cordoba, be sure to spend some relaxing time walking through the Alcazar of Cordoba. This UNESCO protected structure dates back to 1328 when King Alfonso XI ruled. The Alcazar Gardens are heavenly with the water fountains, colorful flowers and tree-lined walkways. Cast yourself back 700 years to the times to medieval Spain and learn about how Alcazar of Cordoba played it's part in the Spanish Inquisition.

Roman Bridge, Cordoba

The Moorish architecture of the arches of the Roman Bridge in Cordoba resemble the arches of the Grand Mosque. Walking across the Bridge at Sunset is a magical experience for travelers to Cordoba to experience. The pink, orange, and yellow colors reflecting off the sandstones used in the Cathedral and surrounding buildings create a peaceful feeling. At twilight, the deep sense of Moorish past times can be relived.

Enjoy your travels to Cordoba in Spain and visit a world of Moorish Renaissance.

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