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Travelers have flocked to Dubai in increasing numbers over the past 25 years, gaining it the reputation in the late 1990s as the "Hong Kong of the Middle East." Today, Dubai is a major travel destination boasting some of the world's most incredible shopping, restaurants and attractions.

Whether it is the culture of the United Arab Emirates and the native Bedouin tribes, Dubai has a magic that is as tall as the skyscrapers and as colorful as the shopping bizarres. Millions of travelers descend into the UAE each year for beaches, shopping, the Grand Prix Formula in Abu Dhabi, the World Golf Championships and the world class horse racing events.

Dubai Gold Souk in Deira

Visitors love to buy gold in Dubai. Yes, the shiny gold precious metal is akin to hard cash in the Middle East and a prized possession. For centuries, people across the Middle East have stored gold as a sign of wealth and wear it to display prosperity. The Dubai Gold Souk in Deira has over 300 shops and is a nightly vibe of activity. Open from 10am to 10pm, the Gold Souk is a must-see place to visit in Dubai.

If you are looking to buy very well-priced gold, be prepared to barter. Haggling is how buying is done at the Dubai Gold Souk and certainly part of the fond memory you’ll cherish every time you admire your gold purchase.

Tip: Buying in US dollars will get you more of a discount! Be prepared to have your negotiating hat on and enjoy the experience before walking away with a wonderfully priced gold jewelry piece.

Dune & Wadi Bashing in Dubai

For centuries, the Bedouin tribes of Dubai rode camels across the arid deserts of the Emirates. Today, a favorite tourist activity is to experience the incredible natural desert oasis with a thrilling ride up and down the sand dunes in a four wheel drive. This rollercoaster experience will send chills up and down your spine as the exhilarating feeling of carving through the desert in a high-powered 4x4 Jeep overwhelms your senses. The pristine desert backdrop is truly amazing and a surreal experience for those who have not spent time in the desert before.

White Sands & Warm Waters of Jumeirah Beach

A must-do activity on your vacation in Dubai is to walk the fine white sandy beaches of Jumeirah Beach and swim in the warm salty sea of the Persian Gulf. Sounds pretty cool right?! Somewhere between a warm bath and salt room flotation tank, the water here is an amazing experience you will not want to miss. The beach is lined with some of Dubai’s most famous attractions like Wild Wadi Water Park, the outdoor water park on Jumeirah Beach with over 17 water slides - one water slide even has a jaw dropping 69-foot drop! This is one of the most popular things to do in Dubai and something that the whole family can enjoy.

Eat Shawarma from Street Vendors

The warm night air of Dubai, sparkling lights and glitter of excitement make for an enchanting travel experience. Travelers to Dubai will notice street vendors grilling beef, chicken and lamb. At a great price of only a few Dirhams, shawarma is Dubai’s equivalent of the hot dog in America and part of the street food of this city. Be sure to savor this Dubai delicacy.

Travel back in Time on a Dhow River Cruise

Before leaving Dubai, be sure to treat yourself to a river cruise on a traditional Dhow boat. The Dubai Creek may be small in comparison to other major rivers, yet its charm and beauty will leave an indelible impression. Over the centuries, the Dhow wooden boats carried bedouins, supplies and animals across from the historic Bur Dubai area to Deira’s modern district. Experience the nightlife with dinner and belly dancers as you cruise under the stars and watch the magical Dubai sunset.

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