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The 9 to 5 routine of any job can become monotonous. Are you in the mood for something really different? Why not journey into the Amazon jungle deep inside Ecuador, South America on the ultimate adventure vacation! Life is about memorable experiences so we have designed Ecuador vacation packages for those of us with limited time off.

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Quito, Ecuador

Your first moments of Ecuador are breathtaking!

Upon arrival into Quito, Ecuador's capital city, you’ll be awe struck by the towering Cayambe Volcano which can be seen everywhere from the city. This beautiful snow-capped volcano soaring at 18,000 feet high is a sight to behold and one you will remember forever.
In Quito you’ll be constantly reminded of being at the foothills of the Andes Mountains. From the colorful house facades set into the hillside to the cobble stone streets and picturesque Spanish colonial architecture, Quito is a magical city. No skyscrapers interrupt the panoramic views.

Otavalo, Ecuador

A town mostly populated by indigenous Ecuadorian people.

A hundred miles north of Quito is the small town of Otavalo. Traveling through the Andes mountains into Otavalo, get ready to shop as the famous artesan street markets offer the widest array of colorful woven rugs, ponchos, bags, hats, and jewelry. Speak with the locals who are very friendly as you admire the pride in their workmanship.

Cotopaxi National Park

No vacation to Ecuador is complete without venturing into the Cotopaxi National Park and Amazon jungle! Your authentic Amazon jungle experience will see you sleeping in a wooden cabin with a ceiling fan and private bathrooms. You will be surrounded by the volcanoes in the Andes Mountain and enjoy paddling along the river in a canoe and walking around the extensive gardens.

Travel from Ecuador

Having experienced the Andes Mountains, extend your eco-tourism adventure vacation by visiting Costa Rica. Tropical mountains, soft white sand beaches and exhilarating sports including canoeing, zip lining, and trekking to volcanoes awaits the outdoor enthusiast. For a more relaxing vacation, neighboring Colombia offers coffee lovers wonderful tours where you can learn how coffee is grown roasted and sample the best, freshly roasted coffee in the world.

Enjoy the majestic beauty of this South American country and while you're there- visit the Middle of the World Monument and stand in two places at once!

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