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Travel to Estonia and go back in time when medieval Estonian city walls protected against invasion, where agricultural lands were powered by windmills, and passageways leading to Cathedrals enchanted foreigners. One of the hottest new countries to visit, Estonia's charming towns and people will endear themselves to you.

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Old Town Square, Estonia

Before visiting the Tallinn Old Town, make the most of your travels to Estonia by climbing the 1.5 mile City wall. The wall had 46 towers which look like terracotta cones around the city. The Wall has many different areas such as the Danish King's Garden and Maiden's Tower. Each tells the tale of the a part of Estonia's history. Around the Old Square are restaurants serving traditional Russian and Estonian cuisine. A hub for social gatherings, the Old Town Square often has street performers and a local market on Wednesdays during May to September.

The Island of Saaremaa

Visit the windmills, castle and meteor site!

The large island off the western coast of mainland Estonia is Saaremaa and just a wonderful place to spend a day or even two on your travels to Estonia. The famous Dutch-stylewindmills in Angla date back centuries giving insight into the rural history that built modern day Estonia. The Kuressaare Castle is also a highlight as is the Kaali Crater, which shows the impact of a meteor which struck here in 1500 BC. That's 4,000 years ago. Saaremaa is not on the main tourist route so is ideal for those who wish to enjoy local towns without the crowds.

St. Catherines Passage, Estonia

As you wind your way through the streets of Tallin you will eventually come to St Catherine's Passage. Take your time and browse through the wonderful craft shops, offering up woodwork, lace woven tapestries, and intricate toys. There are no ToysRUs stores in Tallinn! Watch skilled glass blowers making incredible glassware, animal figurines, and jewelry. Some of the stores have traditional Estonian weavers with baskets and bags for sale. You can also choose from a colorful selection of pottery with traditional Estonian designs to hang on your walls or decorate your kitchen back home.

Tallinn Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

With 25% of Estonia populated by Russians, and having gained their independence from Russia in 1917, Estonia has a deep history with Russia. The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is an orthodox cathedral in the Tallinn Old Town, Estonia. Built in a typical Russian Revival style in the 1890s, a visit to the cathedral will allow you to touch and feel the influence Estonia's neighboring country has.

Enjoy your travels to Tallinn in Estonia and step back in time where townsfolk are steeped in traditional dress, food and surrounded by Russian inspired architecture.

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