Travel to Girona in Spain

Travel to Girona in Spain, where Catalan culture and Medieval architecture meet. Experience the unique culture and history of Catalonia.

Cases de l'Onyar Girona

As iconic as the brownstone houses of New York, or the terrace houses of Notting Hill in London, the colorful houses overlooking the river Onyar in Girona are a staple of the area and a wonderful view. The houses are painted with earthy Mediterranean colors from mustard yellow to peacan orange with splashes of bright blue and pink that radiate against the Sun. You can walk or rent a row boat and enjoy viewing the beautiful Catalan Gothic architecture from the Onyar River.

Catalan Gothic architecture in Girona

Saint Mary's Cathedral

A visit to Girona is not complete without seeing the Gothic Cathedral that towers over the city. The centrepiece of Girona, the Cathedral has been buit from the 11th to 18th Century with the feature being the Gothic Nave which spans over 75 feet wide. Enjoy some time out by sitting on the steps and gazing up at the 15th Century masterpiece of Catalan Gothic architecture.

Sunset in Girona

Amazing river views of Girona's

Girona's sunset captures the wonderful romance of this inland Spanish town. It is the best time of the day to see the reflections of colors from the houses along the River Onyar as you cross the Pont de Les Peixateries bridge. Small cafes and restaurants are around the corner as you walk towards the the Plaça de la Independència for an authentic Spanish meal.

Plaça de la Independència, Girona

After siesta finishes, the center of Girona livens up! A perfect place to rest your weary legs from a day of walking, people watch, and enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail while you choose which tapas bar to enjoy a local Catalan inspired meal. Girona has a very happy vibe, and the 'placa' as locals call it, is the ideal setting to chill out after a wonderful day of sightseeing.

Enjoy your travels to Girona in Spain and indulge in Catalan influences.

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