Travel to Granada in Spain

Travel to Granada in Spain, the Moorish mountains home to Alhambra. The perfect day trip from Malaga is to visit the Alhambra Palace.

The Alhambra Palace, Granada

There is no doubting that as you enter Montefrio in Granada, which once lay under Arabian rule, has an otherworldly beauty, with rolling hills laden in olive trees and small towns that lead to the Moorish Alhambra Castle. At sunset, the amber glow over the Moorish Castle gives away the secret as to why Alhambra ('The Red One') was so named.

Courtyard of the Alhambra Palace, Granada

The Palacio de Carlos V inside the Fortress

One of the most awe inspiring sections of the palace and fortress of Alhambra is the courtyard of Charles V, who was the ruler of both Spain and the Roman Empire from from 1519-1556. The Roman architecture is magnificent with pillars and columns encircling the patio of the larger palace. With it's curved shapes, the distinctive courtyard was fit for an Emperor, yet was never lived in.

The Sultan of Granada

Royal Palace from the 13th Century

Construction started on the site in 890 AD and continued until it was converted into a royal palace in 1333 by Yusuf I, Sultan of Granada. This royal residence with outdoor water ponds has a distinctively Mediterranean feel as the Moors planted myrtles, roses and oranges. The ornate Arabesques around the archways and windows have inscribing of Islamic calligraphy. Beautiful.

Craft Markets of Granada

Before leaving Granada, the craft markets are mesmerizing with the local artesan pottery, fashion accessories as well as coins, paintings, and artwork. If you have to pick one craft market to visit, our selection is Mercado de San Agustin. Close to Granada Cathedral at the Calle Alvaro de Bazan in Granada, this central market is indoors and stalls have home cooked meals to take away. There are cheese and wine stalls, and even a fried fish bar. Yum!

Day Trip from Malaga

Granada is only an 80 mile drive to Malaga and the perfect stop on your road trip through Southern Spain. Enjoy a 90 minute drive through the Spanish countryside on a day trip from Malaga. Read our travel editor's recommended travel guide to Granada for more tips and ideas.

Enjoy your travels to Granada in Spain and the Moorish palace of Alhambra.

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