Travel to Greece

Travel to Greece and explore ancient ruins, the Parthenon and Olympic Stadium in the capital city of Athens.

Visit Ancient Temples and the Athens Academy

Most travelers to Athens are surprised to learn that it is only a four hour flight from London! With so much to see in Athens aside from the Greek Islands, arrange a tour of the ancient sites in Athens if you donโ€™t speak Greek! Strolling the streets, visiting the Athens Academy, and walking around Syntagma Square is a wonderful way to soak up the culture of this city adorned with beautiful tree lined streets. A wonderful walking route through the city is from Syntagma Square, which is the site of the current Hellenic Parliament. Watch the changing of the Presidential Guards known as the Evzones.

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Amazing Greek theater built in 161 AD

We recommend booking a guided sightseeing tour when traveling to Athens to learn the history of the famous sites. You can imagine the performances of Homeric poems and singing performances in the theater built by Herodes Atticus in the 2nd-century. For sports fans, be sure to visit the Panathenaic stadium which hosted the 1896 Olympics. Constructed of 100% marble in 556 BC, the stadium is simply stunning. Walking around the stadium, you can cast yourself back 2,500 years and feel the Ancient Greek energy when 50,000 spectators cheered for their sporting masters of the universe.

The Parthenon

The most spectacular temple in Greece

Appreciate the awe-inspiring supernatural presence and powers of the ancient Greek goddess Athena at the Parthenon, an incredible architectural temple constructed in 400 BC! Used as an Athenian Acropolis, it stands today as a reminder of the Ancient Greek civilization and their sacred dedication to their goddess Athena. In fact, Athens was named for Athena!

Dine in an authentic Greek Taverna

Traveling to Athens is not complete without enjoying Greek cuisine at a traditional taverna. Enjoy freshly grilled fish served with lemon and sizzling lamb with grilled eggplant and tzatziki sauce. Dine under the moonlight and look up at the Parthenon which beams with light at night. With a glass of Grappa and traditional Greek music, you wonโ€™t need too much encouragement to link arms in a traditional Greek dance along with other travelers, a custom in many Athens restaurants.

Thinking of golden Greek sunsets over the beaches of Mykonos or Santorini? Before you go further, read our travel editor's recommended travel guide to the Greek Islands for more tips and ideas.

Enjoy your travels to Greece and ancient temples in Athens.

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