Travel to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam

Travel to Ho Chi Minh City and view a colonial town transforming into a modern city.

The changing cityscape of Ho Chi Minh City

Once a small rural town, Ho Chi Minh City has experienced a frenetic pace of building construction in the past 2 decades. As skyscapers increasingly dot the city, small motorbikes zip along the streets gives a buzz to this city. Experience its thriving street culture of restaurants, art galleries and museums that tell the story of Vietnam's history of war and independence. Travel to the very popular Cu Chi tunnels, hidden canals, and village life along the Mekong Delta by taking a boat tour on the Saigon River, which runs through Ho Chi Minh City.

City Hall in Ho Chi Minh City

A fine French colonial architectural building

France had been trading with modern day Vietnam since the 17th Century and in 1887, French Indochina was officially formed. Hồ Chí Minh led the independence movement which ended France's rule in 1954 and became the President of Vietnam. Exploring the history of Vietnam over the past 100 years is fascinating and the City Hall in Ho Chi Minh City is an iconic piece of early 20th century colonial French architecture to visit when visiting Vietnam.

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Street Vendors in Ho Chi Minh City

An enchanting part of Ho Chi Minh City are the street vendors. From cooking oysters to selling cubed portions of pork and dog (yes, dog is a Vietnamese delicacy!), street vendors serve some of the freshest Pho noodles and soups. Located so close to rural farmlands, the city street vendors have fresh daily produce available for sale at very minimal prices.

Starlight Bridge, Ho Chi Minh City

Brilliant colored lights reflecting off water

The Starlight Bridge connects the the very popular Crescent shopping district and Phu My Hung’s canal district. Located in District 7, the Crescent’s pedestrian bridge is called Cau Anh Sao (Starlight Bridge) and was officially inaugurated in 2010. The 165 yard walk among the LED-lit stars that are simulated by the lights on the ground give off radiant colors through the water fountain. The Crescent has a large retail shopping complex and wide selection of restaurants and bars to enjoy.

Enjoy your travels to Ho Chi Minh City and learn the fascinating history of Vietnam.

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