Travel to Hungary

Travel to Hungary and see Budapest, an architect’s dream city. Experience a city intact from centuries earlier, eat Hungarian food and visit art galleries. Sit at a cafe on the Danube River and step back in time to Europe's golden era.

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Hungarian Parliament Building

Marvel at the Romanesque and Neo-Gothic Matthias Church!

You don’t have to be an architect to appreciate the Neo-Gothic style buildings that populate this central European country. Students and professionals have earmarked the Hungarian Parliament Building and the Matthias Church, originally built in a Romanesque style in 1015, as key points on their travels to Budapest. Romans first settled in what is today the capital in the 1st Century AD, and you can visit the Aquincum Museum to see the ancient Roman relics on display. Trace the Roman empire expansion into modern day Hungary!

Indulge in delicious Hungarian desserts

Eat local Nougat and Turkish Delights

Did you know that Hungary also has German and Turkish influences going back to the Ottoman era? This all amounts to local Hungarian food delicacies like white nougat called törökméz, Turkish delights, and coffee. If you see stuffed peppers and stuffed cabbage called töltött káposzta on the menu, don't miss a chance to try them!

State Opera House in Hungary

Enjoy a Hungarian opera performance

Each year, thousands of opera and theater enthusiasts travel to Hungary to watch performances at the Hungarian State Opera House, built in the time of Austria-Hungary rule. The magnificent interior with a circular painted roof is stunning. It is well worth a visit to a experience a performance at this beautiful Opera House.

Hungary is home to 200 Museums and Galleries

Budapest is home to over 200 museums and galleries! The Hungarian National Museum, the Hungarian National Gallery and the Museum of Fine Arts should be on the top of the bucket list. The main Hungarian painters like Victor Vasarely and Mihály Munkácsy have excellent collections at the Museum of Fine Arts. Travelers to Budapest shouldn't miss the Danube River, which glides through Budapest with serene calm.

Stroll along the Danube River Promenade

Strolling the Danube Promenade is a local past time and taking a river cruise is a must to see the city from the finest angles. Tired of walking? Budapest pampers travelers with day spas which extract their natural water from local thermal springs. Budapest isn’t all museums and spas. Exciting annual festivals take place in Budapest like Sziget Festival, one of the largest outdoor music festival in Europe.

Enjoy your travels to Hungary and discover the historical Ottoman world.

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