Travel to Lake Como in Italy

Travel to Lake Como in Italy and experience Bellagio's splendor. Enjoy boat rides, ogle plush celebrity holiday homes, and see tree lined mountains unveiling small fishing villages around the pristine lakes.

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Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como in northern Italy should not be missed when visiting Europe. With the serenity of the inland lake surrounded by beautiful hills dotted with villas fromthe Renaissance, Lake Como's charm allures millions of visitors each year.

Tour Lake Como by ferry

See villas of Hollywood's A-List stars

Traveling to Lake Como, you’ll experience the splendor of touring the sites around the towns around the Lake including Bellagio. The Italian Alps tower in the backdrop as you enjoy a day trip sightseeing the incredible villas of the rich and famous. Be sure to ask your boat driver to sail past Villa Balbionello (where James Bond "Casino Royale" was filmed), George Clooney’s villa and Richard Branson's villa.

Stroll through beautiful Bellagio

Admire the Italian Alps while dining on pasta

Visit the small towns around Lake Como with authentic Italian restaurants serving freshly made pasta and wines. A hydrofoil runs from Como to Bellagio, making stops at the other towns on Lake Como along the way. A relaxing way to soak in the magnificence of the beautiful Swiss and Italian Alps is to choose an outdoor table and enjoy some fine food and wine.

Travel to Varenna by ferry

A ferry also runs to Varenna, a quiet fishing village north of Bellagio. A perfect getaway from the more populated Italian cities, Varenna has ancient cobblestone streets and the 10th-century Church of San Giovanni Battista. Lake Como's romance and natural beauty captivate travelers to Europe. Buy ceramics made by local artisans and talk to painters who are drawn to etch and paint the beautiful water and mountain vistas.

Enjoy your travels to Lake Como in Italy and enjoy the idyllic serenity of northern Italy.

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