Travel to Malaga in Spain

Travel to Málaga in Spain and the beaches of Costa del Sol

Fish on a Stick, Málaga

Let's start with how delicious the sardines and fish on a stick are. Found along the coastal towns and Costa del Sol, this time honored traditional meal may actually date back thousands of years to when the Phoenicians and Romans inhabited Malaga. Slowly roasted over hot coals, the delicacy will not disappoint even the most experienced foodie.

Watch Bullfighting in Málaga

The Plaza de Toros de La Malagueta

Bull fighting still draws thousands of international visitors each year. The impressive Plaza de toros de La Malagueta holds bullfights each year from March to September. Tickets can be purchased online and is an important part of the Spanish culture. Learn about the tercios parts of a bullfight and experience a lively spectator sport that dates back to the 1800s.

Caminito del Rey, Malaga

Hike the Kings Pathway

The 2 mile walk along the pathway at Caminito del Ray and surrounding trails are a magnet for hikers around the world who revel in walking along the steep walls of the narrow gorge. Located 45 miles from Malaga, the travelers also visit the town of Ardales to learn the military history of the castle which was built in the 1st Century.

Costa del Sol, Málaga

Still glittering from the celebrity scene of the 1960s where Brigette Bardot and movie star friends spent many vacations, Costa del Sol retains its Andalusian heritage while offering relaxing beaches. Enjoy lazy days on pristine sandy beaches, visit the Kadinksky exhibition at the Russian Museum, and enjoy sailing, snorkling, and jet ski's at this popular Spanish beach resort.

Enjoy your travels to Malaga in Spain and explore the Spanish southern coastline.

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