Travel to Morocco

Travel to Morocco to find your Sahara dessert oasis, visit Kasbahs and experience traditional markets in Marrakech. Learn the Moorish history, ride camels in the dessert and delight in golden sunsets.

Medina Night Markets in Marrakech

You haven't lived until you've visited the Medina markets. Master the Moroccan art form of haggling, as you browse around stall vendors under a dusty floodlit sky with desert earth beneath your feet. It's a unique moment you will cherish from your travels to Morocco. Haggling is part of the cultural transaction which ensures each purchase ends with a satisfied smile and reminds us how merchants from Africa have traded for hundreds of years. Wander the markets eating fresh dates and dried figs while watching snake charmers hypnotize reptiles to entertain the crowd.

Leather Tannery in Fez, Morocco

It is fascinating to watch the century old tradition of leather tanning. Hides from camels, cows, and goats make their way to the tannery where they are then dried, washed, cleaned, and dyed. Dating back one thousand years, this is a traditional Moroccan trade and the soul of the city of Fez. While it should definitely be experienced, keep in mind that some travelers find the pungent smell of the coloring dyes discomforting. We suggest that a scarf or tissue accompanies you on this wonderful sightseeing expedition - just in case.

Rabat, the capital of Morocco

While the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast of America may be slightly chilly, the warm waters of the North Atlantic Sea which Rabat, the capital of Morocco is located on, is one reason why invaders followed by merchants settled here. Explore the history of the sea pirates from the middle ages and explore the Hassan Tower, part of the Royal residence! Rabat is filled with endless old town markets or "souqs," so be sure to wear comfortable shoes - you won't be able to stop shopping! When you can't walk any further, rest your weary legs and relax in a hammam, an authentic steam bath house. Then, try something delicious at one of Rabat's many local restaurants.

Kasbahs and Citadels

As a sign of wealth and power, local leaders and families built mud and red brick kasbahs - not only to protect from invaders - but also as a place for traders to visit. The Kasbah of the Udayas, in the capital of Rabat, was built in the 12th Century and typifies the beautiful architectural style of Morocco. The doorways, arches, and colorful glass windows are an incredible throwback to a time when Bedouins on camels roamed the deserts of the Sahara.

Enjoy your travels to and explore the kasbahs and markets of Morocco.

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