Travel to Normandy, Omaha Beach & Le Mont Saint-Michel

For many Americans, visiting the Omaha Beach in Normandy, a historical landmark where the Allied troops landed more than 60 years ago in 1944 is a lifetime journey.

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Omaha Beach and Arromonaches, Normandy

Honor the history.

Traveling to Normandy to see Omaha Beach, a main D-Day landing spot for American and allied troops in June 1944, is an emotional pilgrimage that will leave you thankful and enlightened. Generations come to pay their respects to fallen countrymen and women who made the supreme sacrifice defending liberty. France is America's oldest ally and your travels to Normandy is not complete without a trip to the Arromanches and the American Cemetery at Omaha. It is well worth the trip to realize how fortunate we are for those few who gave so much to so many.

Mont St. Michel, Normandy

From hermit hut to island commune.

Less than 100 miles south of Omaha Beach is Le Mont Saint-Michel. As you travel to Le Mont Saint-Michel, you can visit the town of Saint-Lô, which was the site of the Battle of Saint-Lô in July 1944. Follow the roads and visit the Major Howie Memorial Monument in Saint-Lô to learn more about the offensive following D-Day.

Having inspired publishers, poets, painters, film makers and even video game developers, Le Mont Saint-Michel is a must visit. From a hermit's outpost in the 2nd century to a monastic outpost and Abbey, this island fortress has been part of France’s history for 1,500 years.

Learn about how Le Mont Saint-Michel aided William the Conqueror in 1066 conquest of Britain and how King Louis XI turned the Mont into a prison. It is a wonderful historical tour not to be missed when traveling through Normandy.


A picturesque port city.

Visitors to Normandy will want to make a stop in the idyllic city of Rouen, where evidence of its medieval past can still be felt. You'll want to visit the famous astronomical clock, the Gros Horolge, an exquisite 14th-century work and one of the most impressive of its kind.

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