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Travel to Norway for an epic Nordic experience. From the idyllic harborside capital city of Oslo to Bergen in the west of Norway where Fjords are an adventurers wonderland.

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Oslo, Norway

Oslo is Norway’s capital and travelers are captivated by this Nordic city on the harbor. The city terrain is flat so you can pedal at a leisurely pace and take in the local harborside restaurants and museums to learn about the Vikings and their 10th Century sea vessels. For those more adventurous, joyride in the high powered jet rubber boats and go in search of whales!

Explore Oslo's unique architecture

Visit the famous Opera House

Visit the Opera House and marvel at it’s architectural brilliance. Open to the public, the Opera House is wonderful structure to admire. Go inside and see the decoration by Olafur Eliasson in the foyer and famous waving wood wall. Visit the Norwegian National Ballet who also perform here. Outside the Opera House is a perfect location to sit, eat lunch and admire the harbor while taking photographs.

Marvel at the astounding Sognefjord

The magnificence is breathtaking

Norway is a rugged country and many travel to Norway’s West Coast. A very popular choice is Bergen.
Bergen is also home to Sognefjord, the country’s longest and deepest Fjord. You can’t visit Norway without taking in a view of a Fjord! Travelers to Norway burst with amazement at the first gaze at the brilliance of Norwegian Fjords. Carved from the ice ages, the deepest Fjords cut through the rugged mountain ranges are unique. While glacier hikes on blue ice in Norway is for the extreme adventurers, hiking and kayaking along mountain trails next to Norwegian Fjords. Norway is simply a must do for the outdoor enthusiasts.

Eat Traditional Fish from Local Markets

Bergen’s fish market is a step back in time and the old town is filled with colorful houses that lean against one another as if they are swaying in the ocean breeze. Travelers to Norway can enjoy the funicular railway in Bergen. It is one Norway's most famous attractions which takes you 300 metres above the city where you can admire Norway’s beauty.

All over Norway, you may experience the Northern Lights phenomena, the blue and green lights coming from the sun’s electrical current which enter the earth’s atmospheres at the Arctic poles. It’s a marvelous sight which can only be seen from countries close to the Arctic circle.

Enjoy your travels to Oslo in Norway and spectacular views of this Nordic oasis.

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