Travel to Panama City, Panama

Not to be confused with Panama City in Florida, Panama City in Panama makes for a wonderful short vacation package. During a three or four night vacation to Panama, it’s essential to experience the very best things during your short stay.

Here are our favorite experiences for you when vacationing in Panama City, Panama.

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Latin American Music

Bring a jacket, evening dress, and your dancing shoes!

Panama City is filled with local live music venues. You can enjoy traditional reggae, Spanish reggae, jazz, blues, salsa dance, and other musical performances. Panama has the influence of the Bahamas to the north and while 75% of the country speaks Spanish, the diversity ensures that the music is a unique mix of Latino. Check the local entertainment guides for the latest music venues when you arrive in Panama City.

Tropical Fruit Breakfasts

Savor the flavor of oranges, papaya, pomegranate, acai berries, and lychee nuts!

Rich delicacies of fresh fruits in Panama City make every breakfast a visual kaleidoscope of mango, guava, bananas, pomegranate, acai berries and lychee nuts! Panama City breakfasts are a nutritionist's heaven! Whether you are walking through the local markets buying fruits to snack on or at the hotel breakfast buffet, you’ll be treated to the freshest tropical fruits on the planet!

Panamá Viejo

Historic ruins of the ancient Panama City.

Between gorging yourself on fruits and dancing the night away, you'll be steps away from the fascinating history of this 500-year-old city! We suggest giving yourself two hours to visit Panamá Viejo, Panama's Old City. Wander around the ruins that was the birthplace of this exciting capital city. There is no entry fee to the Panamá Viejo ruins museum - enjoy exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Local Panamanian Food Delicacies

Spoil your taste buds with traditional cuisine!

After experiencing the Panamanian nightlife and walking this enchanting city, you deserve to indulge in some local delicacies!
Ceviche is a very popular dish throughout Latin America. It is raw cubes of fish and onion marinated in lemon juice. Pair this dish with an ice cold beverage of your choice as you watch the sun descend into the Pacific Ocean from a beach side restaurant.

Empanadas are known to many Americans as a Latin American appetizer but you should also be sure to ask for the local yuca root which tastes similar to french fries.
You can’t leave the wonderful city of Panama without ordering Sancocho! This chicken stew made with a starchy root called ñamé and seasoned with a cilantro-like herb called culantro is a staple on Panamanian menus.
For your sweet tooth's food list, try the Hojaldras - deep-fried bread sprinkled with powdered sugar. Think of it as the quintessential Panamanian doughnut. You’ll find them in local pastry shops and cafes.

Travel from Panama City to Colombia or Costa Rica

Panama City is an ideal travel destination to vista Costa Rica which is a 1 hour plane ride away. As you travel onwards on your Latin American vacation, Bogota in Colombia is a 90 minute flight from Panama City. Experience the eco-tourism wonders of Costa Rica or Colombian gold museums and coffee shops, all within an easy flight from Panama City.

Enjoy your vacation to Panama City where the music, food and history will become fond memories for a lifetime.

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