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Travel to Poland and see incredible medieval and Gothic architecture in Krakow and eat traditional Polish foods.

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Krakow in Poland

Poland is culturally rich with influences from bordering Lithuania, Belarus, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. No wonder travelers to Krakow are enthralled when reaching this medieval town located in southern Poland. Your first and lasting impressions of Krakow will be of the Old Town, established in 1257 and home to the Polish Royal Family. The buildings of Old Town are on the World Heritage List and part of the largest medieval town square in Europe.

Explore Poland’s Gothic Architecture

St. Mary's Basilica is awe-inspiring

As you eat ice cream in the summer months or enjoy a warm Polish sausage in the cooler months, wander around the Old Town and look up at the 14th-century St. Mary’s Basilica, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture.

Travel the heritage trail of Krakow

Horse drawn carriages take you back in time

Stroll or ride in a horse drawn carriage to see the Cathedral and the Jewish Quarter as you follow the heritage trail on your travels to Krakow. If you have time, we recommend visiting the Podgórze area just over the Vistula River to see the spires of St. Joseph Church.

Eat Polish Sausage

Time for lunch? Step into one of Krakow’s beer gardens and enjoy a local craft beer (or soft drink) and taste Polish food specialties. Poland has a wonderful variety of spicy sausages, white sausages and our favorite, the mustard Polish sausage!

Kazimierz is also a vibrant bohemian neighborhood complete with cafes and art galleries where a few hours browsing will be the perfect compliment to your Krakow travels.

Enjoy your travels to medieval Krakow in Poland.

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