Travel to Safari in South Africa

Travel to Safari in South Africa and see the "Big Five." Elephants, Lions, Buffalo, Leopards, and Rhino's await the avid photographer and safari enthusiasts. The Big Five originated not because these majestic creatures are the biggest yet because they are the most intelligent and proved to be the hardest in Africa to hunt on foot.

Safari, South Africa

South Africa offers many safari experiences to see the the Big Five: Elephants, Lions, Buffalo, Leopards, and Rhinoceros. Sit back and relax while experienced game park operators drive you to see these wonderful wild animals. The local guides are incredibly knowledgeable about animals hunting patterns, their habitats, diets and interesting facts. Be sure to ask lots of questions and learn about the amazing wildlife on Safari.

Zebra, the most intriguing animal on Safari

Are Zebra Africa's tamest animal?

Questions about size, speed and life-cycles of African animals you will encounter on Safari will intrigue you. Your Safari travels take you up close and into the personal space of these amazing creatures. As Safari vacation packages include several game drives each day, the mornings, afternoon and dusk drives offer unique experiences.

Giraffes in Kruger Park

One take away from your travels on Safari is that you will most definitely have a favorite animal. As you enjoy outdoor meals freshly prepared and gaze at the incredible stars under the African night sky, conversations will turn to why you love a particular animal. Being so close to these amazing creatures in their natural habitat makes you feel a sense of connectivity to nature, animals, and the planet we share.

Rugged Coastlines of South Africa

While it is unlikely to see a Baboon overlooking the rugged South African coastline, the views of the African continent are spectacular. The vastness of this land and the Safari adventure is something to experience at least once in your lifetime. South Africa's best beaches include Camps Bay in Cape Town and Boulders Beach on the Western Cape where penguins are often spotted.

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