Travel to Salzburg in Austria

Travel to Salzburg in Austria, home of Mozart and The Sound of Music.

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Salzburg, Austria

Traveling to Salzburg in Austria to see where Mozart lived, where The Sound of Music movie was filmed, and to walk through the cobbled streets that haven’t changed for 500 years is incredible. This small Austrian town on the Salzach River, surrounded by the Austrian Alps, is meticulously preserved. The Salzach River has a whitish-salt blue color which is due to the salt deposits which lie all around the town. In fact, that is how “Salz”-burg received it’s name!

Visit the historic townsquare

Learn about traditional Bavarian dress

Strolling through the streets, travelers to Salzburg notice the charming gilded street signs which hang over the shops. The elegance of the Austrian’s can be seen from the immaculately dressed townsfolk in traditional attire. In the Summer months, men working in restaurants can be seen wearing the 'Lederhosen', a knee-length short pant and shopkeepers often wear the ‘Dirndl’, a traditional Bavarian dress with frills and plumed finish. For a traditional Austrian meal, the famous 'Chicken Schnitzel' is deliciously served in restaurants throughout Salzburg. Blend in like a local with our Travel Editors' Austrian culture tips before your trip.

Mozart's Birthplace, Salzburg

Visit Mozart's family home

The house in which the world’s greatest composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in, still stands today in remarkable condition and is a must visit when in Salzburg. You can imagine Mozart walking through the streets of Salzburg, along the banks of the nearby Salzach river. Music is in the air in Salzburg and many people enjoy a recital of Mozart’s music which are held nightly.

See The Sound of Music film locations

Dance along the Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg, Austria.

The most popular tour for travelers to Salzburg is The Sound of Music tour, which takes visitors to see the different locations where the worldwide hit film was shot. Remember to bring along your favorite songs and sing along as you immerse yourself in the town and outskirts of Salzburg where this wonderful musical movie was filmed.

Traveling from Salzburg

After a splendid time in Salzburg, visitors often travel to the capital Vienna in the north east of Austria or drive southwest to the famous skiing town of Innsbruk in the Alps. Munich in Germany is less than 100 miles to the East of Salzburg and historical center of Bavaria.

Enjoy your travels to Austria and beauty of the Austrian Alps.

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