Travel to San Sebastian in Spain

Travel to San Sebastian in Spain, the beach and famed restaurants

The Beach Life of San Sebastian

Situated on the La Concha beach in the Bay of Biscay, surrounded by the mountains, San Sebastian needs no introduction as a playground for beach life, famed 5-star chef restaurants, and party nightlife. A go-to place for Spaniards and French, the magnificent soft white sand beach stretching over a mile in length offers gentle waves for body surfing or board riding, as well as relaxing under the sun before taking a bicycle ride along the pebbled pathways towards the old town of Parte Vieja.
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Parte Vieja, San Sebastian

The Old Town and restaurants are sublime

Visitors to San Sebastian delight in wandering the streets of the Old Town. Step into a pintxo and savor the mouth watering local Basque dishes. Specialties include tomato salad doused in olive oil, embutidos, and padrón peppers! The restaurant scene in San Sebastian is world class. You will delight in 5-star restaurants run by chefs from London and Paris, to more casual cafes. Try grilled foie with apple and braised beef, or foie coated in pistachio. Other delicacies include golden Idiazabal cheese goat's butter and bufala mozzarella. Dining in San Sebastian is a unique experience you'll remember for many years after your trip.

Monte Urgull, San Sebastian

Dating back to the 12th Century

Travelers to San Sebastian will notice the hill overlooking La Concha Beach. A strategic defensive viewpoint over the centuries, today the Monte Urgull is a pleasant walk to visit the Mota Castle. Enjoy views overlooking the city of San Sebastian. The views are spectacular as you're walking up and down the pathways.

Port of San Sebastian

A wonderful activity after dinner is a walk down the lovely wide pathway along the harbour to the piers of the port of San Sebastian. Experience the sun setting while the local fisherman tell tales of the history of San Sebastian. The people in the Basque Country are all very friendly and happy to give you advice on what local fish delicacies to order from the local pintxo bars serving tapas.

Enjoy your travels to San Sebastian in Spain and live the upscale beach life.

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