Travel to Santorini in Greece

Travel to Santorini in Greece! Swim in heavenly blue waters in private beaches, nestled around the island, ride on donkeys and eat delicious seafood prepared by locals. Be prepared for one romantic sunset after another.

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Santorini, Greece

The steep cliffs of dark rock surrounding Santorini are breathtaking from plane and sea. This elevated island leaping out of the Aegean Sea gives travelers stunning view from beach to cliff tops. A massive volcanic eruption around 1650 BC created Santorini and adds to the richness of this Greek island. Wind up and down the 600 steps to and from the Old Port in Santorini on donkey or mule. Step back in time and travel how Santorinians' did for hundreds of years! It wasn't until the 1860s that other modes of transport came to Santorini. Get ready for a vacation in the slow lane as you wind down in Santorini.

Oia Town, Santorini

See the famous blue domes of Oia

Oia Town is known globally for its iconic blue domes that dot the rocky landscape across Santorini. The volcanic geology of Santorini also created the Palea Kameni hot springs which are 85 degrees Fahrenheit and contain sulfur, making it a destination for eco-travelers to Santorini. Visit the Nea Kameni island to see the volcano craters and then swim in the hot springs. What better way to spend a day in Santorini than taking a swim and a mud bath after a walk to the volcanoes?

Romance in Santorini

Share Santorini's views with the one you love

Santorini is famous for the wonderful views from almost every angle in this hilltop town. Romance is everywhere as you dine at excellent fish tavernas located in the town of Ammoudi. White linen tablecloths drape over the wooden tables facing the bay of blue green water that you can see to a depth of 15 to 20 feet on clear days. This quaint village is a classic horseshoe-shaped bay with step cliffs of red rock that contrast brilliantly against the whitewashed restaurants and cafes lining the bay. A trip to Santorini should always include a fresh seafood dinner in Ammoudi!

Magical Sunsets of Santorini

For thousands of years, people have come to Santorini to enjoy its magical sunsets. While all of Greece can be traced back thousands of years, Santorini has important prehistoric settlements of the Aegean Sea. On your travels to Santorini, be sure to spend an hour visiting the Archeological Museum of Thera and archeological site of Akortiri. It is incredible to see this Bronze Age settlement of the 17th century BC! Similar to Pompeii in Italy, this town was covered up with volcanic ash resulting from eruptions and abandoned due to earthquakes.

Enjoy your travels to Santorini in Greece in the Aegean Sea.

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