Travel to Seville in Spain

Travel to Seville in Spain and experience the Moorish influence of the Plaza de Espana. Dance to Flamenco musica in late night restaurants and learn about its origins.

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Plaza de España in Seville, Spain

A popular travel route to Seville is the 2.5 hour train ride from Madrid. Within a short taxi ride to your hotel the southern Spanish and Moorish Arab influences in architecture are revealed. People in Seville are passionately proud of this city's rich, diverse history and taxi drivers are especially interested in sharing their knowledge about Seville. Travel to Seville is not complete without enjoying the spectacular Plaza de España. You can rent a row boat and enjoy viewing the beautiful architecture from the canal. The inlaid mosaic tiles on the bridge and archways of the Moorish buildings creates magnificent reflections in the sunlight. It is simply dazzling.

Moorish Paella in Seville

Spices from Arabia infuse the local dishes

The many spices from Arabia create a wonderfully rich smorgasboard of Spanish cuisine. Be sure to taste the Paella while in Seville. While many will be taking a siesta between 2pm and 5pm, Seville restaurants are open late into the evening. Your travel plans should include walking through the more vibrant and colorful neighborhoods.

Climb the Giralda Tower in Seville

Amazing panoramic views of Sevilla

Climbing the Giralda Tower built in the 1100s for a birds eye view of Seville that is well worth the climb. Actually, it’s more of a walk as there are ramps which wind all the way to the top! As you walk around the adjoining Cathedral Seville which was built in the 1400s, you’ll be overwhelmed with its Gothic beauty. Legend has it that the Cathedral is also home to what is believed to be the remains of Christopher Columbus.

Seville, the home of Flamenco Dancing

The image of Flamenco dancing, sounds of Catalan pop music, and people filling tapas bars surrounded by thousand year old Spanish Moorish buildings draws travelers to Seville. It is believed that flamenco originated in Seville, and the Museo del Baile Flamenco is a terrific destination where you can learn about the origins of flamenco and understand how integrated it is with the Spanish culture.

For good reason, Seville is a must visit on your travels to Spain. Go deep and read our travel editor's latest recommended travel guide to Seville for more tips and ideas. From Seville, you are only 120 miles to Malaga and well worth the short drive to experience another magical Spanish city and Costa del Sol beaches.

Enjoy your travels to Seville in Spain and explore the Moorish-Arab influences.

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