Travel to Siena in Italy

14 August 2017, 11:37 AM

Travel to Siena in Italy and walk the stunning Piazza del Campo.

The Basilica of San Dominigo, Siena

Siena is a magnet for tourism in Tuscany, made famous for its century old tradition of the Palio di Siena, a twice yearly horse race run around the perimeter of the piazza. Another lesser known yet magnificent structure in Siena is the gothic inspired architecture of the Basilica of San Dominigo dating back to 1552. The white marble exterior inliad with local rock and huge nave internally covered by trusses and with a transept featuring high chapels makes this basilica certainly worth a visit.

The Piccolomini Library, Siena

Visit Pope Pius III Private Library Collection

The Piccolomini Library features brilliant fresco wall paintings stretching 13 feet high along the walls. Painted by Pinturicchio, visitors are treated to a masterpiece of 14th-century art by this great Italian master. With sculptures and artwork, the Piccolomini Library is a wonderful hourglass to look at the past 500 years in Siena.

Piazza del Campo, Siena

A must see in Siena is Piazza del Campo, one of Europe's greatest medieval squares. It is more oval shaped and the distinctive red brick is spliced with travertine, which when you look closer, divides the piazza into ten sections. A perfect spot for lunch or dinner, the piazza is the center of entertainment for Siena. From children's puppet shows to street performances, artists and retail stores, the Piazza del Campo leads into eleven narrow shaded streets that you can wander through.

Rolling Hills of Siena

As you walk the cobbled narrow streets in Siena, the breathtaking hills of Tuscany in the distance beckon. There are many restaurants and vantage points worth exploring to gain access to wonderful views surrounding Siena. Siena is very walkable and you will surely be led back to Piazza del Campo for yet another coffee or gelato.

Enjoy your travels to Siena on a expertly designed vacation of Italy.

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