Travel to Stockholm, Sweden

Travel to Stockholm and visit the historic Old Town where Vikings once lived. Trace Sweden's maritime history over the 14 islands that make up Stockholm and ride trams to the contemporary Moderna Museet. In the summer, sunset is often past 11pm giving you more adventure time in Sweden.

The Old Town in Stockholm

Known by locals as Gamla stan, the Old Town is a mecca for tourists for its outdoor cafes, cobbled streets and narrow passageways. Adding to the Scandinavian charm of cafes, the old shops are filled with seafaring maps, antiques and crafts. A must see is the Den gyldene freden restaurant located on Österlånggatan, which has been serving food since 1722 and according to the Guinness Book of Records is the oldest existing restaurant with an unaltered interior.

Stockholm's colorful buildings

Visit the oldest square in Stockholm

The perfect spot to enjoy the 17th and 18th century buildings in the Old Town is Stortorget, the oldest square in Stockholm. Number 3 to 22 all have amazing stories of traders, merchants, scholars and musicians who lived and worked in the Old Town. Be sure to check local travel guides as Stortorget is also the site of local craft stalls and a traditional Christmas market in December.

Skeppsholmen, Sweden

Water surrounds the town of Stockholm and small islands are inter connected via bridges. Skeppsholmen is one of the islands of Stockholm boasting the Moderna Museet, a must-see when visiting Sweden. For art enthusiasts, this contemporary museum aims to be at the leading edge of new artistic movements. Walk through Skeppsholmen to see boats and ships traversing in and out of Stockholm.

Stockholm Royal Palace

Undergoing a $75 million renovation in 2011, the Royal Palace is a popular attraction for travelers to Sweden. Dating back to the 13th-century, you can walk through the ornately decorated bedrooms dripping with gold interiors. The royal apartments also include the Hall of State with Queen Kristina's silver throne as well as the Apartments of the Orders of Chivalry, which houses a permanent collection of the regal orders.

Enjoy your travels to Stockholm in Sweden and find simplicity in this Scandinavian archipelago of islands.

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