Travel to Stonehenge in England

Travel to Stonehenge in England and discover ancient secrets of the Bronze Age

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Stonehenge, England

Most of us have seen the large protruding rocks of Stonehenge positioned, almost obtusely, in an upwards standing position. Whether in watching a cartoon or documentary, the fascination of Stonehenge remains a constant reminder of our neolithic ancestry. As travelers to England, we are exploring the past as much as enjoying the British modernity.

Learn about the Bronze Age

Dating back to 3000 BC, Stonehenge's ring of standing stones are a very popular destination for history buffs traveling to England. In fact, archaeologists have found Mesolithic postholes and burial remains which date to around 8000 BC. That’s a long time ago, folks! The Bronze Age of 3000 BC had man using sharp flint for hunting and making jewelry. You can almost imagine our prehistoric ancestors, with bronze tipped spears and sparkling metal ornaments, worshipping around the ancient Stones. Still today, over 10,000 people attend the sun rise at Stonehenge in June to celebrate the Summer solstice.

Stonehenge under the Stars

Gaze to the ancestral heavens

Speculation about Stonehenge's astrological impacts and significance has intrigued mankind for centuries. The visitor centre at Stonehenge has audiovisual simulations and educational videos; a brilliant way to gain a glimpse into this world renowned structure. No one is really sure how our prehistoric ancestors were able to lift those stones up so high. Perhaps it really was mythological giants as many of the medieval tapestries depicted. That remains one of the many mysteries of Stonehenge and all the more reason why you should put it on the travel bucket list.

Travel to Salisbury near Stonehenge

As you travel to Stonehenge, you’ll most likely be drawn into the nearby town of Salisbury, located 9 miles to the south. You can further follow the journeys of our neothlithic forefathers by visiting the hilltop at Old Sarum. From the Iron Age of 300 BC, to the arrival of the Romans up until the Norman Kings taking power in 1070, the town of Salisbury has a rich history.
When traveling to Stonehenge by car from London, be sure to visit other wonderful towns such as Henley on Thames, Bath in Somerset County, and the Stonehenge ruins. A good place to stop for lunch, is the Elizabeth Gardens along the Avon River, where you can picnic and walk about the town. There are plenty of photo opportunities outside the Salisbury Cathedral too!

Enjoy your travels to Stonehenge in England and discover the secrets of the Bronze Age.

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