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Travel to Switzerland and experience breathtaking beauty of small villages, inland lakes, and the Swiss Alps. Delicious chocolate, cheese fondue and freshly baked pastries await you in Lucerne, Zurich and Geneva.

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Zurich, Switzerland

Traveling through Switzerland feels like you've been transported into a fairytale! With the snow capped Swiss Alps and lakes at every corner, it's easy to see why tourists love this picturesque European country. The church spires tower towards the Swiss Alps in Zurich, the capital of Switzerland. Built around Lake Zurich, travelers to Zurich might think they're in Germany as Swiss-German is the spoken language. While visiting the old town of Zurich, you can catch the tram cars that quietly shuttle locals across town. The famous Bahnhofstrasse is a shoppers delight, where restaurants serve famous cheese and chocolate fondue and shops selling luxury European fashion.

The Majestic Swiss Alps

Awe inspiring natural beauty everywhere you look

Driving through Switzerland offers travels a fully immersive mountain experience and the chance to see small villages unchanged for hundreds of years. We recommend driving to Interlaken, home to several Swiss resorts and offering a range of activities like hiking, skydiving, and skiing. Located in the middle of Switzerland between Zurich and Geneva, Interlaken is the ideal destination to explore the Alps.

Lucerne, Switzerland

Stroll along the bridges over the Reuss River

For romantics, a visit to the old town of Lucerne will delight with its Renaissance architecture. The idyllic Reuss river divides the city and travelers to Switzerland usually make sure they cross the 670 foot long Chapel Bridge built in the 1300โ€™s!

Eat Swiss Chocolate and Gruyere Cheese

While the Swiss are famous for watch making and chocolates, the town of Gruyeres is famous for cheese and draws travelers from all over the world. This medieval town overlooks the Saane Valley and offers stunning panoramic views. Savour Gruyere cheese with a glass of wine and breathe in the fresh air from the Swiss Alps. In Geneva, you may think youโ€™re in France as the local language is Swiss French!

French influence extends beyond language to architecture and cuisine. Baguettes and french patisseries are found throughout cafes along the cobbled streets that wind their way through this historic town. The town of Geneva is perched on Lake Geneva which is home to many celebrities whose houses can be viewed by taking one of the many boat cruises.

Enjoy your travels to Switzerland and charm of Zurich, Geneva and Lucerne.

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