Travel to Taormina in Italy

Travel to Taormina in Italy and visit ancient Greek amphitheaters and Mount Etna.

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Taormina, Italy

Taormina is renowned in Europe as an exclusive holiday destination for movie stars and celebrities like Cannes in France.

Amphitheaters in Taormina

Discover the Greek history in Italy

On a guided tour of Sicily and Taormina, you’ll marvel at the hillside views from the ancient Greek Ampitheater. As the Ionian Sea sparkles down below, you can imagine the ancient Greek sailing ships trading goods from Taormina as far back as 300 BC! Gazing into the distance, you’ll spot Mount Etna with its unmistakable snow capped peak.

Mount Etna

If you would like to tour of Mount Etna, we can include this into your travel to Taormina. Mount Etna is only 40 miles from Taormina and the guided walking tours of the volcano craters will amaze you as well as apanoramic views of the Sicilian coastline. On a guided Taormina tour, be sure to choose a hotel overlooking the Ionian Sea. Return from sightseeing on the luxury motor coach and plunge into a refreshing pool with views of the beach and sea.

Shopping in Taormina, Italy

As you stroll through the Corso Umberto, the main street in Taormina, relax at a local cafe or restaurant. Enjoy a selection of local seafood with Sicilian spicy sauces. Shopping for local hand made pottery painted in bright Mediterranean colors is a must. Cool down afterwards with an ice cold lemon or orange granita and a Italian puff pastry.

Taormina is a 2.5 hour drive to Palermo, the main town of Sicily and Catania, the ancient royal city of Sicily. Be sure to visit these cities to learn the fascinating history of how Sicily became part of Italy.

Enjoy your travels to Taormina on a handpicked tour of Sicily.

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