Travel to the French Riviera in France

Travel to the French Riviera in France and discover sophistication on the Mediterranean. From luxury yachts in Cannes to chic boutiques in Saint-Tropez and old town markets in Nice, the French Riviera is a playground for travelers to mingle with the rich and famous.

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French Riviera, France

Thinking of traveling to the French Riviera? Known in French as the Cote d’azur, it stretches from Cassis to Saint Tropez via Cannes to Nice and on to Monaco. Your French Riviera travels are flexible when you choose a self-drive vacation package. The A8 and D559 motorways through the French Riviera connect the entire South of France coastline and driving between each of the towns is often (traffic depending) no more than 1 hour. Let’s start with the calanques of Cassis, where the gorgeous waters and small beaches are secluded along the coastline. A must-visit on your travels to Cote d’azur is the coastline, where you can hike and stop off for a refreshing swim in the calanques, which are small inlets among the pastel blue waters.

Nice Beaches & Flower Markets

In Nice you can enjoy walking through the Cours Saleya, the flower market square. While in Nice, also explore Nice’s architectural history by visiting the Cathédrale Ste-Réparate built in 1650 and the Palais Lascaris. For music lovers, the 17th-century Palais Lascaris is a must-see as this museum has over 500 musical instrument. C’est magnifique! Read our Travel Editors' tips about the best places to visit in France.

French Riviera Lifestyles

Enjoy beautiful harbors of super yachts

The aristocratic enclave of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is located 5 miles from Nice. The tree-lined streets of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat create a peaceful serenity that has drawn the world’s elite for over a century. The drive into Monaco from Nice is very easy along the A8. The hilltop town of Èze 3 miles outside of Monaco has stupendous views of the Mediterranean. It was a favorite destination of Walt Disney, who preferred it over other parts of Monaco.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Despite Monaco being one of the smallest sovereign nations in the world, it is one of the wealthiest. This ensures an attraction for Hollywood actors following in Grace Kelly’s footsteps (the movie star who married Prince Reinier of Monaco in 1956, and became Princess Grace of Monaco). Monaco in 1 day is a perfect inclusion in your travels to the French Riviera. One day is an ideal amount of time to view the Monaco Grand Prix track, the Monte Carlo Casino, the Prince's Palace of Monaco, and Hotel de Paris Monte‑Carlo.

Enjoy your travels to French Riviera and marvel at the Mediterranean towns

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