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The Maldives is a dream vacation destination where an exotic island paradise awaits you offering indulgent bungalows, turquoise waters and pristine beaches. The Maldives is as perfect for the sun seeker as it is for the sophisticated epicure.

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Marine Magic at Hanifaru Bay or Bodufolhudhoo

Because of its immaculate marine location, the Maldives boasts every kind of water-based adventure you could wish for. You can choose to paddle the lagoon in Bodufolhudhoo or get propelled below the sea surface in famous Hanifaru Bay. Hanifaru Bay is a marine-protected area renowned for snorkeling and scuba diving. Here you can dive with manta rays, swim with sea turtles or watch sharks migrate through the stunning crystal blue waters.

Travel tip: Pack a good underwater camera.

Dolphin Watching at Muli Channel, Meemu Atoll

Muli Channel in the Meemu Atoll is a little known haven that is possibly the best place to see dolphins in the Maldives. There is a success rate of about 85% at Muli Channel and the better the weather, the better the chance of catching a glimpse of these magnificent marine mammals! Given the sea level at this secluded atoll is slightly less than other areas, dolphin safaris may give you more than you bargained for. Most travelers to the Maldives who visit this area can actually see the sea floor.

Island Hop by Boat or Seaplane

Travelers to the Maldives fly into the capital Male and then take a seaplane or boat to their desired island. While vacationing in the Maldives, each resort has its own island, so tourists can travel from one island to the next.

Traditional Maldivian Dance at Thulusdhoo island

If music is what gets your heart racing, than definitely make time to visit Thulusdhoo Island where you will witness the traditional Maldivian dance known as Boduberu. Boduberu is performed by 20 people including three drummers and a lead singer. Most island resorts will do a Maldivian night where guests will be encouraged to get involved and learn the traditional folk dance. The boduberu drums are made from hollowed coconut wood which are covered at both ends with either a manta ray skin or a goat hide.

Tempt your Tastebuds

Maldivian food is fresh, light, and full of spice. The Maldives may not ooze reputation as a haven for foodies, but the food is totally delicious. Whether you are sipping mojitos while the sun melts into the Indian Ocean in a fine dining restaurant or lounging around at the seaside grill, the Maldives offers cuisines of every continent and food options for every need.

Private Adults-Only Dinner in Baros

Baros is an adult’s only destination that is famous for the private dinner on the sandbank. It is exactly as the name suggests, a romantic dinner for two prepared by a private chef on a small sandbank in the middle of the azure blue sea. This is an amazing experience!

Male Markets

The Maldives isn’t a destination built for shopping, but the local market is a must-see. It’s located on the northern waterfront in Male and is a frenzy of activity. The market is divided into small stalls, with each of the market stands selling products representing the atolls.

Learn the Maldives Culture

The Maldives is a south Asian sovereign state situated in the Indian Ocean closest to Sri Lanka and India. The Maldivian people are warm and extremely hospitable, so tourists will feel at right at home. The Republic of Maldives has a long and proud history of culture that brings together African, Indian, Sri Lankan and South East Asian influences. You’ll leave the Maldives with a tan and an appreciation for this beautiful island nation.

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