Travel to the Mediterranean

Travel to the Mediterranean, from Spain to France to Italy.

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Promenades of the Mediterranean

Walk along Europe's coastline town pathways

Known as "The Med" to those tens of millions of people who live on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, travelers can enjoy seaside towns with soft sandy beaches, rocky coves, ports lined with yachts, small fishing villages and towns lined with restaurants from Spain to Italy. What better way to enjoy the scenery of the Mediterranean than to stroll along the promenades taking photographs and videos with loved ones along the way.

Outdoor water sports on the Mediterranean

Cassis, a playground for water enthusiasts

For the water sports adventurers, Cassis in the South of France provides the perfect location to enjoy the Mediterranean. Kayaking, boating, jet skiing and yachting are all favorite water activities that are available here. Imagine yourself looking back at the rocky calanque cliffs from the Mediterranean Sea. Now that's a picturesque view from the Mediterranean to remember.

Glamorous Monaco

Experience the glitz of the Meditteranean's most famous city

Monaco. Home to Hollywood's famous movie stars, rockstars and the world's rich and famous, vacations are just sublime in Monaco. Strolling the streets of Monaco past the Monte Carlo Casino and shopping boutiques, you'll encounter the ritz and glitz of Europe which makes the Meditteranean a special location for Formula One Grand Prix and super yachts.

Genoa on the Mediterranean

Succulent freshly cooked seafood

Whether you choose to fly from Spain, France, Italy, or simply to drive the coastline, the Mediterranean on the Italian side of the French border moves at a slower pace. Enjoy smaller seaside villages, fresh seafood from local restaurants and sit outside in restaurants that overlook the Mediterranean. Genoa is a perfect destination to explore nearby Portofino and Cinque Terre.

Enjoy your travels to Europe and wonderful diversity of the towns along the Mediterranean Sea.

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