Travel to the Rhine River

Travel to the Rhine River in Germany! Visit Cologne, local wineries, and much more.

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Cologne, Germany

The Heart of the Rhine Valley

Traveling to Cologne - the most populated city along the Rhine River and fourth largest in Germany - makes a delightful introduction to the region. Home to some of Germany's best art galleries and museums, Cologne is the perfect town to discover the rich history of Rhineland dating back to the Middle Ages.

Rhine Valley Wineries

Visit hillside castles and world-renowned wineries with dramatic views of the Rhine River. The Gothic-style architecture of the small villages that line the Rhine River make for beautiful scenery and stress-free travel between towns. Riesling wines are a specialty of the Rhine Valley and are known for their abundant fruitful flavors, directly attributed to the Rhine River.

Picnics on the Rhine River

Enjoy idyllic outings by the riverside

Most travelers think of cruising the Rhine River by river cruise, but driving between towns and taking leisurely picnics is a wonderful way to enjoy the German countryside. Buy local German sausage, cheese and Riesling from a boutique winery and enjoy a picnic at the small towns that line the Rhine River.

Spires of the Rhine River

The beautiful church spires of the churches along the Rhine River towns will stand out in your memory for many years to follow your vacation to Germany.

Enjoy your travels to Rhine River and wineries in Germany.

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