Travel to the Ring of Kerry in Ireland

Travel to the Ring of Kerry in Ireland and drive the famous roads of County Kerry. Spectacular cliffs and wide rolling hills make South West Ireland a beautiful setting for an enriching vacation.

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Ring of Kerry, Ireland

The Ring of Kerry is a beautiful stretch of road that winds along and through the incredibly gorgeous mountains in South West Ireland. Most travelers to the Ring of Kerry embark from the town of Killarney and head out to the Dingle Peninsula, which boasts verdant pastures of green grass that roll for miles along the cliffs which drop into the Atlantic Ocean. The easy driving makes the Ring of Kerry a must-do on your travels to Ireland, and a perfect adventure to explore the Celtic history of Ireland.

As you will most likely travel through Killarney to or from the Ring of Kerry, read our travel editor's recommended travel guide to the Killarney for more tips on what to do see and enjoy in Killarney.

Stop for lunch on the Ring of Kerry

Tranquil foreshores picnic spots

The timelessness of Ireland is nowhere more intact than in County Kerry. In what feels like stepping back in time, the castles and manors etched into the mountains are a reminder that Ireland has centuries of wonderful history to explore.

Driving the Ring of Kerry Roads

All roads are an adventure in Ireland and no more so than in County Kerry. Follow your heart and intuition down every country road, where you'll find charming villages, a pubs serving authentic Irish food, and friendly townsfolk who will offer directions and tell you a tale of the local area. These roads create the unexpected and unforgettable experiences of traveling in Ireland.

Stay in medieval thatched roof huts around the Ring of Kerry

Walk in the footsteps of the medieval Celtic townsfolk and stay in authentic thatched roof bungalow bed and breakfast accommodations in the Ring of Kerry. Enjoy a traditional full Irish Breakfast in the morning with fresh farm produce served with a customary Irish joke. The hosts are always very friendly and happy to hear of your adventures and provide advice on where to visit next.

Enjoy your travels to Ring of Kerry and be charmed with the luck of the Irish.

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