Travel to Toledo in Spain

Travel to Toledo in Spain to explore the setting of the famous novel Don Quixote.

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Sunset in Toledo, Spain

Located inland in Spain's La Mancha region, the city of Toledo is rich with history. Explore the influences of the Muslim period from the 8th to the 14th century, sites of historical battles, and where the Crown of Castile and Aragon were unified in 1492 under Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand.

Windmills of Toledo, Spain

Where the Don Quixote's novel is set

Arguably one of Spain's most important novels, Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, was set right here in the La Mancha region where Toledo is located. Published in the early 1600s, the novel is renowned as one of world's most influential novels. Buy a copy of this book and explore the countryside that Don Quixote traveled through. Encounter the vineyards, olive plantations, and of course the windmills.

Alcántara Bridge, Toledo

Medieval Bridge and Fortress for Centuries

Toledo today is protected as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and as you cross the 14th Century Bridge into the Old City, you can imagine the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish merchants who visited this town to trade their produce and learn crafts. Explore the arches designed for defence and statutes of the heros interned in Toledo.

Cathedral of Toledo

High on the hill of Toledo is the cathedral. Its stunning 13th-century High Gothic architecture is incredibly detailed. Architects will appreciate the double pathway, five naves, and brilliant array of stained glass windows. The Portal of the Lions is a highlight to visit with the ornate stone carving within the arches.

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Enjoy your travels to Toledo in Spain and discover the region that inspired Don Quixote.

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