Travel to Turin in Italy

Travel to Turin in the Italian Alps! See the magical snow capped mountains and the Palace of Venaria.

Turin, a vista to the Italian Alps

Home to the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, Turin (known internationally as Torino) is set against the Western Italian Alps visible from all around the city. The view of the Alps from the Po River in front of Susa Valley is a photo opportunity not to be missed. Explore the old city dating back to the Roman Empire, the mysterious Shroud of Turin, the FIAT automobile museum and sporting sites of the recent Olympic Games.

The Palatine Gate, Turin

Explore the Roman history of Turin

Built in the 1st-century, the Palatine gate towers adorn Turin and signify this ancient Roman town that Emperors traveled under. You can see replica's of previously sculptured statues of Augustus Caesar and Julius Caesar. One of the best preserved Roman gateways, a stroll to the adjacent Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist and parklands is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon admiring Turin's ancient Roman history.

The Gardens & Palace of Venaria

For hundreds of years before the unification of Italy, the Royal House of Savoy ruled principalities across what is now modern day Italy. The Palace of Venaria and vast gardens is one of the Residences of the Royal House of Savoy and was included in the UNESCO Heritage List in 1997. After touring the exhibition of crown jewels, stroll through the gardens with the beautiful backdrop of the Italian Alps.

Romance in nearby Venice

One of the most stunning train rides through Italy is from Turin to Venice, via Milan and Verona. Traveling on a high speed train through valleys, Italian Alps, and small villages is the perfect way to enjoy your romantic travels to Italy and a perfect prelude to everlasting memories with a weekend in Venice.

Enjoy your travels to Turin on a handpicked vacation of Italy.

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