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Travel to Wales on an incredible Welsh adventure! Explore Llanddwyn Island, trek through Snowdonia's stunning mountain trails, and ride the railway to the highest peak in Wales. Visit small towns throughout this cozy country located on the Western border of England, an integral part of the United Kingdom.

Snowdonia in Wales

Nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts flock to Snowdonia in Wales to trek the many walking trails, explore these glorious mountains and glacial landmarks. The mountainous Welsh countryside offers many things to do throughout the year! Gaze over Ogwen Valley and the glaciations of the Nant Ffrancon valley, created by ice thousands of years ago. Ride the Snowdon Mountain Railway to the summit, or descend 500 feet below ground into the Llechwedd Slate Caverns.

Explore Llanddwyn Island in Wales

Drive the beautiful Llyn Peninsula

Driving to Newborough on the Llŷn Peninsula in north western Wales is a breathtaking journey. Visit nearby Ynys Llanddwyn, a tidal island that at high tide is cut off from the mainland. As you drive or walk along some of the pathways on the coastline, you will see views of Snowdonia. For casual hikers, the Anglesey Coastal Path is highly recommended. The Llŷn Peninsula boasts the historic region of Gwynedd. Delight in this small town where the majority of locals speak their Welsh dialect. Explore the ancient Celtic history of this region and learn the history of the Gwynedd Kingdom.

Travel to Tenby in Wales

The most beautiful harbor town in Wales

The clear blue waters of Tenby might have travelers to Wales thinking they are in the Caribbean. With a beach, harbor and Castle, Tenby has Georgian and Victorian architecture exuding a charming village feel. Discover the thousand year history, when King Henry VII of England sheltered at Tenby before sailing into exile in 1471. More recently in the 1800s, the town became a health retreat and attracted botanists to study the coastline geology.

Conwy Castle, Wales

Wales boasts some wonderful castles and Conwy Castle in the north west of Wales dates back to 1289. Still in excellent condition, Conwy Castle shows how castles had an inner and an outer ward to protect the Kings and Queens from invaders. Follow their escape routes down to the river and learn how this medieval castle operated for hundreds of years.

Enjoy your travels to Wales in the United Kingdom and the magical coastlines, mountains and harbor towns.

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