8 Unique Drinking Experiences Around the World

Looking for the perfect boozy experience to add to your next adventure? That’s the spirit!

From hot tubs overflowing with wine to fountains where beer flows freely, add these ideas and unique drinking experiences to your travel bucket list.

Sample Tuscan Wines in a Castle

Tuscany, Italy

The winding roads of Tuscany, leading you to a historic castle boasting acres upon acres of lush vineyards – there’s no experience quite like it! If you’re planning a trip to Tuscany, be sure to make time for at least one tasting of the region’s most famous locally-produced product.

Fill 'Er Up at a Free Wine Fountain

Abruzzo, Italy

The small town of Abruzzo’s Caldari di Ortana is home to a spectacular secret: a fountain that flows with red wine for 24 hours a day. Visitors to this magical fountain can enjoy a glass of locally grown and produced wine for absolutely free (glass not included).

Learn to Pour the Perfect Pint of Guinness

Dublin, Ireland

Did you know you can tour the factory of Ireland’s most famous stout? Pay a visit to Dublin’s famous Guinness Storehouse, where you can sip on the stout while enjoying sweeping views of the city from the Gravity Bar. Then, top off your experience by getting certified and learning how to pour the perfect pint from the masters!

Exfoliate in a Red Wine Bath

Yunessun Spa Resort • Hakone, Japan

Why bathe in water when you can bathe in wine? Japan’s Yunessun Spa Resort offers this unique wine experience, and even claims wine baths were a frequent part of Egyptian ruler Cleopatra’s beauty routine. If wine isn’t cutting it, the spa also offers baths filled with green tea, sake, coffee, and even ramen noodles.

Sip on Scotch in its Birthplace

Anywhere, Scotland

What better place to enjoy Scotch whisky than in its birthplace? Tour one of Scotland’s many distilleries or schmooze your way into the Scotch Malt Whisky Society for a tasting among like-minded scotch connoisseurs. Keep in mind that Scotland has five distinct whiskey regions, each producing their own special version of this spiked staple, so ready your palates.

Shout "Prost!" at Oktoberfest

Munich, Germany

There are drinking festivals, and then there are drinking festivals. If lager is your game, plan your next vacation to Germany during Oktoberfest to enjoy a beer festival like no other in the heart of Bavaria. Eat pretzels, wear lederhosen, and drink beer to your heart’s content – prost!

Trade That Beer Tap for a Beer Fountain

Zalec, Slovenia

Zalec is famous for its beer production and abundant supply of hops, so it comes as no surprise that this small Slovenian town decided to take its love of beer to the next level by installing a beer fountain in the city’s main square. Visitors to this beer fountain will be able to buy a commemorative mug to fill up with the fountain’s liquid gold.

Unwind at a Beer Spa

Arskogssandur North Iceland

Soak up the hops in a beer bath in North Iceland - now open as of June 1, 2017! Visitors of drinking age will also be treated to a glass of locally-brewed Kaldi beer during their soak, the perfect pairing for this hoppening experience.

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