The 10 Unforgettable Vacation Spots to add to Your Bucket List

By Megan Millisky

If you’ve been putting off travel, 2020 is your year to begin! Start the new decade off with a bang by checking the biggest vacation spots off your bucket list. If you don’t have one yet, or need some ideas, here are the top bucket list items to enjoy in 2020.

1. See the Pyramids along the Nile

Take a river cruise down the Nile or go on foot to look at these ancient Egyptian pyramids. These royal tombs took a lifetime to build and were piled high with jewels, food, clothing, and everything a ruler could need in the afterlife. Check out the most prolific pyramids, the Great Pyramids of Giza - it's one of the Wonders of the World, and a bucket list must-do.

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2. Spot Giant Tortoises in the Galapagos Islands

Giant tortoises can weigh over 500 pounds and live for over 100 years in the wild. These amazing creatures are endangered species, so the time to visit them is now! The stunning Galapagos islands are the best place to find these peaceful creatures.

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3. Trek to Machu Picchu

Set your sights on Machu Picchu, the most popular Inca ruin in the world! Over a million people visit each year. The site is made up of hundreds of huge stones - no one knows how the society managed to move such heavy rocks. You can visit the ruins today to get a glimpse of this incredible ancient civilization.

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Address: Machu Picchu 08680, Peru

4. Visit the Grand Canyon

Discover the wild natural beauty of the Grand Canyon. The canyon is 18 miles wide and a mile deep! Hike along the South Rim, which is open year-round. Take a gorgeous drive from one end of the canyon to the other. Camp under the stars, and capture the vacation photos of your dreams!

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5. Marvel at the Taj Mahal

Take a trip to this famous mausoleum in India! The building was built from 1631 to 1648 to honor the memory of the emperor’s favorite wife. The Taj Mahal is considered to be one of the greatest architectural structures in the world! The building and surrounding gardens are perfectly symmetrical and utterly unforgettable.

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6. Walk the Great Wall of China

Visit the must-see location of China - the Great Wall. The wall, built over centuries, is roughly 13,000 miles long! Walk the longest wall in the world to see incredible views of China. Discover the flanking towers and fortresses built at vulnerable points in the wall. Pack your walking shoes for this amazing experience!

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7. Attend a Tea Ceremony in Tokyo

Steep yourself in Japanese history when you attend a Tea Ceremony. You’ll attend a solemn ceremony and sip green tea in a traditional tearoom. Learn “the way of tea” in this peaceful environment. There are many traditional teahouses located in Uji and Kyoto.

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8. See the Northern Lights

Take a trek in Iceland to see the Northern Lights! This amazing natural phenomenon lights the sky up in a rainbow of color. Guided tours run year-round to help you see the lights from the best viewpoints.

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9. Share a kiss at the Eiffel Tower

Très romantique! Share a kiss - or a selfie! - with your loved one at the top of the Eiffel Tower. You’ll walk to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, then take an elevator to the top. The tower is open until 11:45 PM most nights, making it the perfect way to end a romantic date night.

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10. Stand on the other side of the planet in New Zealand

Earn major bragging rights by traveling to the other side of the planet! You can explore New Zeland’s incredible waterfalls and mountain trails. Then check out the bubbling geysers and volcanic craters at the Pacific Ring of Fire. You can explore New Zealand’s wine country, or learn about Māori culture in Rotorua. Don’t wait to go on your next adventure - plan your bucket list now and get ready to explore the world!

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