Visit Ortisei, Italy!

By Caitlin Hornik

Ortisei is the largest village in the Val Gardena and is a gateway to the heart of the Dolomites. This will help you become acquainted with this quaint village before your Italian vacation!

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South Tyrol Geography

Ortisei is located in South Tyrol, a province in northeastern Italy. South Tyrol is part of a Euroregion that includes the Austrian state of Tyrol and the Italian province of Trentino. Val Gardena is a valley within South Tyrol that is home to three villages, with Ortisei being the largest. Visitors to Ortisei can learn more about the history, culture, and nature of Val Gardena at the museum de Gherdëina.


While there is not an airport in Ortisei itself, the village is easily accessible from nearby airports. Fly into Bolzano, Italy and you’ll get to Ortisei via car in approximately one hour! If traveling from abroad, Verona and Milan are the international airports in Italy. Another option would be Innsbruck International Airport in Austria, which is the largest in the Tyrol region.


Visitors can expect partly cloudy skies year-round in Ortisei. Summer months bring rain and winter months bring freezing temperatures. On average, the temperature ranges from 17 degrees Fahrenheit to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Pack accordingly!

Perfect Any Time of Year

Winter months bring snow and ample opportunities to ski, while the summer months are a perfect time to hike the hundreds of miles of trails! If rain falls during your visit, retreat to one of the many spas or wellness centers in town. The center of the village is home to excellent shopping and dining. There is something for everyone at any time of year!

Wood Experts

Ortisei has been known for centuries as a home for experienced, expert wood carvers. They’re especially famous for making religious statues that are commonly found in and around the village. In addition, the wood carvers produced dolls and other toys that they would pack up and bring to sell in other far-away cities such as Paris and London. They traveled on foot every Spring to sell their creations. Today, some shops in Ortisei still sell woodcrafts!


In addition to being well-known for skiing and hiking, Ortisei is also famous for its emphasis on health and wellbeing. With the village being so deeply immersed in nature, many of the spas believe that relaxation treatments are the perfect compliment to the landscape here. Saunas, massages, and beauty treatments of the highest quality are available to you in Ortisei. What better way to fully embrace a vacation here than with physical outdoor activities and mental relaxation and wellness?!


Since 1930, Ortisei has been welcoming families and children of all ages. There are a variety of activities in which the whole family can participate! Families who ski will delight in the opportunity to spend quality time together on the slopes. In addition, many of the walking trails lead to children’s playgrounds! Other opportunities include horseback riding, bowling, geocaching, ice skating, swimming, tennis, and so much more!

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