Visit Royal Yacht Britannia in Edinburgh

Travel to Edinburgh in Scotland to visit the Royal Yacht Britannia. See how the Queen of England and family sailed the Seven Seas on this luxury ocean yacht. View life inside the royal quarters onboard and learn the naval history of the British Empire.

Royal Yacht Britannia, Edinburgh

During the industrial revolution from 1760 to 1820, Edinburgh was a busy merchant town as the bay surrounding the city, known as the Firth of Forth, made docking ships easy. Today, located on the Leith Dock is the famous Royal Yacht Britannia, which is a decommissioned yacht of Queen Elizabeth II. Measuring over 400 feet in length, this luxurious yacht was sailing the 7 seas of the world from 1953 to 1997, hosting royalty, international heads of states, and dignitaries. One of the most popular attractions in Scotland, the Royal Yacht Britannia, is a floating museum that is a must-visit when traveling to Edinburgh.

Fresh Seafood in Leith

Luxury Royal Cruise Ship

After touring the yacht with an audio headset to learn about the fascinating history of this floating royal palace, you can choose from many fresh seafood restaurants in the portside town of Leith. From President Franklin D. Roosevelt to President Clinton, American Presidents has enjoyed business and social outings on the Brittania and in the township. A highlight of the tour is the Queen’s Bedroom and State Dining rooms. If mechanical engines tickle your fancy (as the British would say), then head to the engine room of the Royal Yacht Britannia and see how the inner workings of this yacht function. Be sure to ask where the garage is on the ship and view the 1960 Rolls-Royce that escorted the Queen and Royal family on land.

Shop in Leith Harbour

The town of Leith is located 2 miles from the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle. Travel by a London black taxi or drive down to the waterside town of Leith and experience one of the wonderful seafood restaurants along the canal. Modernized apartment blocks and converted warehouses have made Leith a trendy area for Edinburgh’s younger and fashionable foodies. Our favorite restaurant is The Ship on the Shore and Fishers in Leith. Be sure to try the Cullen Skink, a tasty creamy soup filled with mixed seafood from mussels, local haddock whitefish, and prawns. It’s a hearty meal and an old favorite with the fisherman dating back hundreds of years. Oysters are a specialty in Leith and those from the North Sea which borders Scotland produce are deliciously fresh.

Enjoy a sunset over the Firth of Forth

After an exciting day of touring the Royal Yacht Britannia and enjoying fresh seafood in the port town of Leith, enjoy a magical sunset and breathtaking views over the Queensferry Crossing, a bridge which spans the Firth of Forth. It is worthwhile to visit these small village towns on the Firth of Forth, as they played a pivotal role in Scotland’s advancement as a naval port and trading power in the 1800s.

Enjoy your travels to Scotland and visiting the Royal Yacht Britannia in Edinburgh.

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