What to Bring Back from Your Honeymoon

The word souvenir comes from the French verb to remember. Bringing back an item from your honeymoon is a great way to remember the joys and wonders of your trip. Here are a few souvenir ideas that can help keep that special feeling.

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Holiday Decorations

Every year of your new life together, you'll get the chance to decorate for the holidays. A honeymoon souvenir that can hang in a tree, sit on a mantle, or help make a holiday table festive is a great way to add extra cheer to the season. If you're sticking something in your suitcase for the tree, remember that size matters and you'll want to keep it light to avoid extra baggage fees at the airport.


Jewelry is always a nice reminder. If you honeymoon in Ireland and you can stop in Galway, take a look at the famous Claddagh ring. Featuring a pair of hands around a crowned heart, there are different ways to wear it, each signifying a special meaning.

Street Art

If your honeymoon destination is Paris, head for the Place du Tertre a few streets away from Montmartre and the Sacré Coeur. There, you will find street artists displaying their work. You can pick up an original paintings or, for a little extra, some of them might do a portrait of the two of you.


A honeymoon in Costa Rica means access to a variety of beautiful handcrafts, many of them made using techniques that have been in the area for hundreds of years. Among the most popular items are Boruca masks, worn by indigenous warriors who fought invading conquistadors, brightly painted miniature wooden oxcarts, and time-honored Chorotega pottery made in the north country since well before the arrival of Europeans in the Americas.


If your honeymoon destination is Italy, your problem won't be finding a souvenir but resisting buying them all! Italy offers wonderful choices ranging from food items like fine oils and wines, designer clothing, Venetian carnival masks and Murano glass. In ancient times, the glass blowers of Murano were forbidden to leave this Venetian island in order to keep the secret of their art.


Should you decide to go on a Kenyan Safari honeymoon, you’ll get the opportunity to find truly unique souvenirs. The colorful Masai shuka, a type of blanket worn by young warriors, is a very popular item. Masai beadwork is famous for its originality, color, and quality of craftsmanship. Masai necklaces are large and make a unique fashion statement.

Whatever your destination, a souvenir made by locals that exudes the joy of a place is what you are looking for. And don’t forget to bring a little something back as a "thank you" for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and whoever is watering your plants, feeding the cat, and picking up the mail.

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